Just a peripatetic nomad wandering through the world of footy, from club to club, league to league, nation to nation.  Particularly interested in gear, memories and whatever game is on.  I am also interested in what fellow nomads have to say.


I’m not here to re-invent the soccer blog.  If you’re looking for breaking news, rumors and deep tactical analysis, you’re in the wrong place.  Click on any of the blogs in the blogroll for that sort of thing or tweet me and I’ll tell you any number of sites to visit.

I share thoughts on kits I own/want, on books I’ve read and on memories of the game I have been playing and watching and following most of my life.  I want this to be a place you can share as well and am even open to fellow nomads joining me.

I have also had the chance to contribute to other outlets, including United in the States and the Design Football podcast (MLS 2016 kits and Manchester United kits.) I also produce and host the Terminus Legion podcast.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the site up to this point.  As always, I am available via twitter (@AustinLong1974) and facebook, and please check out my podcast. Plus check out my other projects: USMNT kits, Movie Reviews, and the A Town Throwdown podcast.

  1. Piece idea for you. There is an up and coming club in Savannah, GA called Savannah Clovers S.C. they have ambitions to be a fan owned club in NPSL. Check them out.

    • Agree. Will probably wait until they join NPSL/PDL and then go down there for a game. Thanks for the idea. Feel free to shoot ideas to me any time.

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