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Dallas Til I Cry


Dallas Til I Cry

As I read the opening chapters I felt I had found a kindred spirit. A lifelong soccer fan, who had fallen in love with a team thousands of miles away while a team plied their trade just miles away, decided to kick the tires on the domestic league.

The author and I have similar takes on the beautiful game and how it fits into the US sports spectrum. Admirers of quality and narrative, the siren song of the EPL drew us in and we would much rather get up at 745 am and watch a game from across the pond than the afternoon MLS Match of the Day. Why watch a game with football lines, in half empty venues, when you could watch some of the great players and teams in footballing history cheered on by thousands of supporters? Why support a league that, at times, couldn’t get out of its own way? But slowly things changed and you have to take notice.

At some point you have to give the local guys a chance. The book is not so much about the ups and downs of the 2013 FCD season as it a desire to embrace something that’s in your own backyard. There are also glimpses into the craziness of family life, coaching nuggets and a lot of analysis about how MLS is faring in the US sports landscape. Plenty of player critiques (this guy does not like Kenny Cooper) as well as a questioning of Coach Schellas and his player selections are on show as the author’s project becomes an interest becomes honest fandom.

Again this book really hit home with me because I have been engaging MLS more and more over the last several years. Nathan jumped right in, bought a season ticket, watched as many away games as he could and followed the league storylines as closely as possible. His account is an easy read with some poignant insights and heartfelt thoughts from a fan trying to support the beautiful game here in America.

Texas Adventure

All 5 parts of my wonderful, frustrating, sleep deprived trip to Houston and Dallas.

houston dynamo game

Day 1

Day 2 (Houston Dynamo v Sporting KC)

Day 3 (FC Dallas v Colorado Rapids)

Day 4

Day 5