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Strip Club–World Cup 2014 Kit Preview (Part 1)

In preparation for the 2014 World Cup I have been working on several projects, one of which is reviewing all of the kits from each country for the tournament.  For Euro 2012, I did an extensive series of posts, running a virtual kit tournament.  Alas time and scope do not allow me to do this sort of thing for the World Cup, so instead I went through all of the shirts and narrowed it down to the my top 20.  There are some excellent resources for this:

From there I ranked them and put together a couple of posts.  Hope you enjoy and comments are welcome.

#20  Chile  Away

Chile 2014 World Cup Away Kit (1)

This simple white shirt with just hints of the flag colors does a nice job but Puma’s funky collar (ie trachea patch) pushes it down the list.

#19  Russia  Home

Russia 2014 Home Kit 1

I really like the color of this shirt, which is reminiscent of their pre World Cup 2010 release (they failed to win the playoff, OOPS!!), and again I enjoyed the flag accents on sleeves.

#18  Argentina   Home

Argentina 2014 Home Kit 1

This shirt is a classic and adidas does well here by adding just a hint of modernization (ie the diagonally stripe things).

#17 France  Home

France 2014 Home kit 1

For the most part, Nike has done well since taking over the French line.  The blue color used is very attractive, nicely accented by a white collar and a monochromatic badge.

#16  Colombia  Away

Colombia 2014 World Cup Away Kit (5)

This would have been a Top 10 selection without the accents on the sleeves, which cause the shirt to look very MLS-ish, and that’s not a good thing.

#15  Australia  Away

Austrlia 2014 World Cup Away Kit-1

What a color combination, very unique, which according to Football Fashion is “dark obsidian blue, and has been inspired by the design worn by Australia when they qualified for their first ever final 40 years ago.”

#14  Korea Republic  Away

I love the white shirt with just a hint of the flag colors (a theme for me), and the collar is quite unique and serves as a nice touch.

#13  Ghana  Away

Ghana 2014 World Cup Away Kit 1

I would have loved to put this in the Top 10 but the shirt is just a little too busy for me.

#12  England  Home

England 2014 World Cup Away Kit (1)

Nike does a nice job keeping the shirt clean and simple, but the V neck collar keeps it out of the Top 10.

#11  Cote d’Ivoire  Away

Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Away Kit

To be honest, I think my bias against green shirts kept this lower but Puma did a great job with the African jerseys for this tournament.

Strip Club—Makin’ Whoopee Edition


So I went up to the bar, as I do, to settle in for a replay of a FC Barcelona game. After getting the TV channel changed and ordering a pint, I watched the end of 2012 UEFA Futsal Championship Final between Russia and Spain. The match went back and forth, and then I saw something that changed everything.  The camera zoomed in on Russia’s number 13—Aleksandr Fukin.

Umm . . . this is a family show.  Who knows if it is pronounced Fuckin’ or Fookin, but it turns out this was not a misprint.  After a little research on the interwebs, I was able to find out that Fukin was on the Russian team that eventually lost to Spain 3-1, and he also plays for Dinamo Moskva in the Russian Futsal League.


(image courtesy of Old Football Shirts)

The all red kit Russia wore that night was their home kit for 2011-12 (thanks to Football Fashion).  Focusing on the jersey, a sublimated star pattern accents the chest and is framed with a curving accent, which ends in the colors of the Russian flag.  I much prefer this strip to the one at Euro 2012.


Anyway, my hope is to find this kit at a retailer and get it customized with FUKIN 13.  A very special Hero Jersey.  (You can’t make me take it off, it’s his NAME!!) Hero Jersey is an identifier I could do without.  Let’s face it.  These are footballers, not necessarily heroes.  I mean if you ordered a Joey Barton Manchester City/Newcastle/QPR/Marseille jersey, that could hardly constitute a Hero Jersey.

I have moved away from the hero kits in my collection.  I do have a Del Piero Juve jersey and a Beckham United jersey.  There’s also a Ukrainian Shevchenko knock off in the drawer somewhere as well.  Going forward, a Cantona jersey is probably the only Hero Jersey I would order.  These days I personalize my kits—Junior #7—and that seems to work.

Old Futbol Buffet–Insane Afternoon

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Consider me crazy.

Why I continue to watch any game involving Portugal is beyond me.  They run with purpose and pass the ball and defend and CR7 prances around and then nothing.  No goals, few chances.  I tweeted to a fellow soccer fan after the match:

ME: CR7 is surrounded by players with low soccer IQ’s. he will never win any international trophies.

FAN: mind you, not much anyone can do with this Spain side playing how they are!

ME: true but even as #ESP come back to pack a la #FCB, Portuguese team struggles to score & win important matches. why do i watch?

I’m pretty sure Capello’s pre game notes read grab early goal (check) and soak up pressure (check) and secure three points (check).  Kerzhakov punished a Portuguese turnover as Bruno Alves was out to the lunch in transition.  From there Russia collapsed centrally and allowed the visitors to go wide, where their service was poor, while attempts at interchanging passes around the penalty area ended in frustration.  Portugal’s best chances came from set pieces in which their aerial dominance (Alves in particular) came to the fore.  Had Russia been able to possess better, they could have added several more goals.  As it was they continually gave the ball back and invited the hosts on to them.

Nani was his usual terrible self, mis-hitting crosses and dribbling into pressure, although he had a layoff of exquisite quality that almost led to an equalizer.   Didn’t recognize Coentrao a) because I didn’t realize he was still playing as he has disappeared from RMFC and b) because his highlights were gone, so I looked for a blond haired left back and couldn’t find one.  Unfortunately he went off injured and did not look good.

As for kits, pleasing to the eye.  Both are still wearing their kits from Euro 2012 and here were my thoughts going into that tournament:

The Russians return to a redder red instead of the maroon version of 2010 (which was released as a World Cup kit before they were eliminated by Slovenia).  Usually I go for the sash, but the Russian kit doesn’t work for me, especially since the sublimated design looks like chain mail.


The Portuguese kit is simple and clean.  Not as good as the home but fine nonetheless.

Strip Club–Euro 2012 Kit Tournament (Group A)

In an ambitious effort to get involved with the upcoming Euros, I followed the draw, game by game, to determine which kit would win Euro 2012 based on my tastes.  These posts are an extension of my Strip Club posts and the epic Kit Tournament done by Avoiding the Drop for the 2010 World Cup.

Special thanks to Mao Football, whose post got this all kicked off for me.  Also to , who put together a slide show of each jersey.  Finally, 7football created a graphic representation of each strip complete with shirt, shorts and socks.  Truly phenomenal stuff.

Here we go.





Czech Republic

Poland v Greece

A tough opener, as both kits keep it simple. Poland’s home kit is clean and strong and has a decent chance to make it out of the group, while Greece’s away kit is a beautiful blue with an understated cross representative of their flag.  I give the three points to the Poles, who kick off their campaign in high spirits.

Russia v Czech Republic

The Russians return to a redder red instead of the maroon version of 2010 (which was released as a World Cup kit before they were eliminated by Slovenia).  Usually I go for the sash, but the Russian kit doesn’t work for me, especially since the sublimated design looks like chain mail.  The Czech away kit is 100% class.  Pure white with the kit maker and badge.  Easy choice as the Czech’s run away with it.

Greece v Czech Republic

I assume since Greece is listed first they will be the home team and I assume that they will wear white.  The Greek home kit is fine and looks to be on one of the current adidas templates.  The Czech red home kit is solid. Looks like the Puma and Nike designers shared a pint as both makers are rolling out kits with an accent that comes over the shoulder and ends at the top of the chest.  The Czechs maintain their 100% record in this confrontation.

Poland v Russia

Again I assume that Poland will go white and Russia will go red.  The Poles progress to the knockout stages as simplicity trumps clutter.

Czech Republic v Poland

In a key match that will set up the next round, I am going on the premise that the Czechs will wear white so that the Poles can showcase their red away kit.  Both kits are great and are worthy of advancing.  I am going to call it a draw, with the edge going to the home side.

Greece v Russia

Again using the premise that the Russians will want to get some use out of their away kit, I’ll say that they will wear white with the Greeks going blue.  The Russian away kit is similar to the home kit but somehow comes off bland.  The Greeks take it to finish off a disappointing campaign.


Poland  2 1 0 7
CzechRepublic 2 1 0 7
Greece 1 0 2 3
Russia 0 0 3 0