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Strip Club—Makin’ Whoopee Edition


So I went up to the bar, as I do, to settle in for a replay of a FC Barcelona game. After getting the TV channel changed and ordering a pint, I watched the end of 2012 UEFA Futsal Championship Final between Russia and Spain. The match went back and forth, and then I saw something that changed everything.  The camera zoomed in on Russia’s number 13—Aleksandr Fukin.

Umm . . . this is a family show.  Who knows if it is pronounced Fuckin’ or Fookin, but it turns out this was not a misprint.  After a little research on the interwebs, I was able to find out that Fukin was on the Russian team that eventually lost to Spain 3-1, and he also plays for Dinamo Moskva in the Russian Futsal League.


(image courtesy of Old Football Shirts)

The all red kit Russia wore that night was their home kit for 2011-12 (thanks to Football Fashion).  Focusing on the jersey, a sublimated star pattern accents the chest and is framed with a curving accent, which ends in the colors of the Russian flag.  I much prefer this strip to the one at Euro 2012.


Anyway, my hope is to find this kit at a retailer and get it customized with FUKIN 13.  A very special Hero Jersey.  (You can’t make me take it off, it’s his NAME!!) Hero Jersey is an identifier I could do without.  Let’s face it.  These are footballers, not necessarily heroes.  I mean if you ordered a Joey Barton Manchester City/Newcastle/QPR/Marseille jersey, that could hardly constitute a Hero Jersey.

I have moved away from the hero kits in my collection.  I do have a Del Piero Juve jersey and a Beckham United jersey.  There’s also a Ukrainian Shevchenko knock off in the drawer somewhere as well.  Going forward, a Cantona jersey is probably the only Hero Jersey I would order.  These days I personalize my kits—Junior #7—and that seems to work.