ISS 328 Culture of Soccer

In the spring/summer of 2013  I took on online class at Michigan State University called the Culture of Soccer.  Professor Peter Alegi is an opponent on the soccer field but a fellow fan of the beautiful game and I thoroughly enjoyed the class, learning information about the development of the game worldwide and how it has impacted fans, governments and clubs around the world.

Here is the course description:

This course explores continuity and change in the global culture of soccer and its relationship to social dynamics, economic interests, and power relationships. It combines general analysis with specific case studies to make connections across time and space.  By examining the intersections of the historical and the contemporary, the individual and the social, the local and the global, we will discover how and why race, ethnicity, class, gender, media, and business made the world of soccer we see today.

Visit the class blog 

Each week we were  required to write a post based on the assignments.  We then reviewed fellow classmates posts and made short comments.  Here were my contributions:

From Ancient Games to Modern Football

Week 1 post

Professionalism and Globalization

Week 2 post

Week 2 comment

The Soccerati, Fan Violence and Stadium Disasters

Week 3 post

Week 3 comment

Futbol/Futebol: The Politics of Fun in Latin America

Week 4 post

Week 4 comment

The World Cup:  Sport, Politics, and Business

Week 5 post

Week 5 comment

The World Cup: Africa on the World Stage

Week 6 post

Week 6 comment

Men’s and Women’s Soccer in the USA

Final Essay

Final Assignment–Essay Emotional Impact on Soccer Culture


Would love to hear any feedback regarding my posts or the links for the class.  The class is definitely worth the time if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the game.

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