Manchester United Dollar Date (16/17 away kit)


(pic courtesy of Football Fashion)

I’ve downgraded my original take of this strip from hot mess to just doesn’t work.

man-united-away-jersey-front-floating 2016

(Pic courtesy of World Soccer Talk)

Several things are in play here. Adidas has introduced a heathered texture to their kits. This was first seen, as far as I can tell, with the Real Madrid away kit in 15/16. It popped up stateside with the Seattle Sounders strip, and I will be interested to see if adidas uses this more and more.

manchester_united_2006_away_longAnother aspect of the jersey is the choice of red as the accent color. Absolutely hate this. Hated when it was used in 2005-2007 by Nike and still hate it. The look of the shirt is muddled and the color does not pop off the jersey like a white would. The badge is even worse, with the monochromatic badge getting lost. The shirt could have been saved with the use of white.

manchester-united-16-17-away-kit-full strip

(Pic courtesy of Footy Headlines)

Finally there’s the shorts. Good god man. If you are really trying to harken back to the 1968 European Cup win with modern touches, then just make the shorts royal blue. Is it really that hard? The use of the navy shorts just continues the lack of clarity in this strip. On the plus side, as the players sweat, the color of shirt will probably end up matching the shorts. Probably shouldn’t be designed kits based on perspiration but that’s just me.


man utd 1968 utd away 2002man utd 2008

The royal blue has been used to great effect down the years, with 2002/03 standing out, but nothing will beat the original in 1968 and its modern incarnation in 2008/09. The strip for the 16/17 season is just a different version of the two toned, buttoned up piece of crap from 14/15. Thanks but I’ll pass.

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Official Manchester United launch info

For a comparison of United away shirts through the years, check out Historical Kits.

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