Soccer in a Football World


Soccer in a Football World, David Wangerin

The development of a football based game in America created outlets for rugby, soccer and American football.  Eventually the gridiron version of the game dominated the sporting landscape but the flame of soccer was never extinguished.  Wangerin discussed the regional leagues that have always been present and the several attempts at a national league that have come and gone.  The MLS is the current incarnation and Wangerin explored the issues that face the league—soccer specific stadia, procuring talent and the financial underpinnings of the league.  Throughout the book he also weaved in the history of the National Team, which has seen a move from a totally amateur administration to an organization that created Project 2010 as a way of raising the United States’ international standard.

The book is as expansive as the country and is a fine primer of how the game as grown in the United States over the twentieth century and the matters that it will confront in the future.

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