Chelsea Change Shirts-Premier League Era

My typical modus operandi is to spout off without information or consideration, and I have always claimed that Arsenal and Chelsea have had the ugliest change shirts in the Premier League era. In the last two decades, the two London teams have been United’s biggest rivals for hardware, so I have had a keen interest in their sporting and fashion performance. With all that said, I decided to look at each team’s away kit collection and make an informed, well-reasoned claim to their kit ugliness.

In looking at Chelsea’s away kits through the years, one thing stood out to me—the use of red shirts during 70’s and 80’s as red is not a color I would associate with the Blues at all. Definitely going to tuck that little tidbit away for future research.

As for the Premier League shirts, honorable mention for the worst strip goes to . . .

2010-11 Away

cfc 10 11

I affectionately mock this one as the Halloween kit. I have no idea what adidas and the club were going for. The black away strips have been hit and miss over the years and this one is the worst of that group.

2010-11 Third


Double whammy that season as this third shirt may have been a call back to the away kit from the late 80’s but hard to believe men had to wear this shade of green.

2012-13 Third


Robot bumble bees ahoy!!


1994-96 Away


I really don’t even know where to start. Grey and orange and blue? Crazy colored crest? Coors? This is just awful beyond words and deserves some sort of retroactive punishment.

28-JAN-95 .... Soccer .... Dennis Wise, Chelsea

1996-98 Away


Things didn’t any better for the club the following season. The Historical Kits mock up does not do this one justice. Even though I didn’t know much about soccer at the time, I knew this was ugly and cannot believe how many people had to say yes to get this produced.

96 98

1991-93 Away


Really don’t like the yellow but the color has been used by the club through the years, so what you are you going to do? Turns out this was a template jersey and Everton wore the exact some hot mess. This jersey screams 90’s!!

Classic Kit 1991 (away) - Paul Elliott

After going through their Premier League change kits I have to admit they aren’t that bad. Early 90’s kit design was bad and unfortunately Chelsea’s were really bad, and I just think the bad ones are so bad they wipe everything else. The club has some real horror shows from the 70’s and 80’s and a future post may have to deal with those.

Chelsea fans, how do you defend your club? Those with anti-Blues bias, what did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.

Special thanks to Historical Kits for the images.

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