Updated April 2016

I listen to podcasts all the time. Whether I’m driving (read stuck in ATL traffic) or folding laundry or working out or playing FIFA, I’m listening to something. I have thousands and thousands of music tracks saved on a flash drive gathering virtual dust as I listen to pod after pod, looking to learn something or looking to inform my opinion or looking to be entertained.

Here the footy related pods in my current rotation:

Football Weekly

Frequency/Length: Twice a week/45-55 minutes

If you like puns and sarcasm and step by step instructions on how to wash your hands, this is the pod for you. And sometimes they talk about football. James Richardson holds down the fort with a rotating panel that focuses mainly on the EPL but also touches on European football. Every show is entertaining and it’s a must listen.

Extra Time Radio

Frequency/Length: Twice a week/60 minutes

I started listening to this pod in order to get more familiar with MLS and it has grown on me. The show has a wide spectrum of guests and the panel covers the current hot topics. The addition of Matt Doyle (aka The Armchair Analyst) provides some great tactical insight into the games.

Rant Cast from United Rant

Frequency/Length: Weekly/60-75  minutes

The Rant Cast is strong, with informed opinion and analysis. Plus it’s consistent and entertaining. Sometimes a little long (going beyond 90 minutes) but a go to for Manchester United fans.

The Dummy Podcast

Frequency/Length: Once a week/40-50 minutes

A great pod from Howler magazine, the Dummy gang really drills down into issues affecting the game. Less news and more conversation based, a former player and current historian give greater context and depth to some of the key items impacting the beautiful game.

United We Stand

Frequency/Length: After each match/20-60 minutes

This is one of my favorite pods of all time and one of the inspirations for the SoccerNomad podcast. For the 15/16 season, pods are released around each game plus there are interviews with supporters and journalists. The episodes are relatively short and give a great insight into the club, especially from a supporter perspective.

The Sound of Football

Frequency/Length: Almost week/30 minutes

Recently found this pod, thanks to my newfound #KitNerd friends. Lighthearted but informative and enjoy the banter among the panel. They recently did a pod on the missing World Cup in 1966, which was pretty interesting.

Design Football

Frequency/Length: As often as Jay can record, edit and post/60-75 minutes

Jay at Design Football started a podcast at the end of 2015 to discuss kit design. Each episode is packed with knowledge and opinion and well worth your time if you are interested in the design, technology and history of football shirts. In addition each episode comes with notes so you can see video and images of the topics being discussed.

Mouths of the South Podcast

Frequency/Length: Weekly/60 minutes

This podcast is Atlanta specific, and to be more specific, centered on Atlanta United. Writers for the Dirty South Soccer SB Nation page discuss Atlanta United news and recent events in US Soccer. There is the occasional call-in episode as well.

Alive & Kicking

Frequency/Length: Weekly/60 minutes

This podcast is dedicated to soccer in the 90’s and it’s fantastic. Each show is centered around a theme, and I highly recommend it if a) you started following the game in the 90’s like me or b) want to learn more about the world of soccer before the Premier League became huge and the FA Cup didn’t matter.



Other podcasts I have listened to:

World Football Phone In
Tim Vickery provides excellent sporting and cultural insights into South American football (although if you listen long enough you start to hear the same stories over and over) while Paul Sarahs and Mina Rzouki cover European football. Jon Arnold chips in on CONCACAF and Mark Gleeson informs on the African game and John Duerden recaps news from Asia. Learning about young, up and coming players is a plus, but the real value is the discussions about historical, cultural and sporting issues throughout the footballing world.

The Game
I enjoy the writing of Gabriele Marcotti so when I stumbled across this podcast, which he hosts, I hit subscribe. Little more serious than Football Weekly, and Gab or one of this guests always has an angle on a story I had not considered.

Beyond the Pitch
One of the first pods I started listening to, many moons ago. The format has shifted from two to three guests during the week to the One World Sports pod. Amazing range of guests and information and opinion and a glimpse into Asian footy which I know nothing about.

Best Soccer Show
Comes out on a Sunday and gets lost in the first of the week deluge. Love the passion and insight and pop culture tangents.

American Soccer Analysis
Irregular release but the insight into the stats of the game is interesting. If they produced it maybe twice a month and kept it under 45 minutes, might be worth staying with.

Total Soccer Show
This show isn’t too bad and if I have time and need to listen to something, I download this show. Decent analysis and commentary, I don’t really like the specific predictions and this is a bubble pod for me.

Men in Blazers
When I first listened to this I was heaven. Irreverent, great cultural and historical references, entertaining but the longer I listened, the less I liked it. Couple of problems: it comes out on a Wednesday and it was Friday by the time I was getting to it and I was EPL’ed out and the next round of games were about to being. Plus Rog and Davo became too meta, with too many jokes or attempts at witty repartee. Just grew tiresome.

Moving forward, I would like to add a second MLS show and I am also looking for a show that covers the rest of the soccer pyramid but has to be in a compact format. Time is a huge consideration so may have to drop one pod to add another.

If you have made it this far, let me throw a shameless plug in for the SoccerNomad podcast. I publish twice a month and cover a wide range of topics from how fans found their teams to groundhopping to kits to football worldwide. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Found an amazing resource recently. Square One Football has put together a list of podcasts and has sorted it by league, division and topic. Worth a look if you looking to expand your podcasting list or looking for something specific.

I am always open to new shows, so let me know on twitter (@austinlong1974) or in the comments below your favorite shows.


  1. Cool listing, I’m sure you are being modest because this hasn’t had a mention, a gem of a podcast, probably one of their best ones …..


  2. No 13 to 31 are also well worth listening to as well.


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