National Teams

world football

World Cup 2014 Kit preview 1-10

World Cup 2014 Kit preivew 11-20

Euro 2012 Kit Preview (Knockout Stages)

Euro 2012 Kit Preview (Group D)

Euro 2012 Kit Preview (Group C)

Euro 2012 Kit Preview (Group B)

Euro 2012 Kit Preview (Group A)

Makin’ Whoopee Edition (Russia Home 2011/12)

Brazilian Wax Edition (Brazil Black Kit for Copa America 2011)

Takeout Edition (Argentina Away World Cup 2006)

Czech Republic World Cup 2006 Shirts

Full Service Edition (Spain Home 2004-06)

Mercy Dance Edition (Ukraine Away 2004/05)

House Dancer Edition (Holland Home and Away Euro 2004)

Nigeria Home 2002-04

Feature Dancer Edition (France Home Euro 2000)

Tip Out Edition (Germany Away Euro 2000)

Mexico Home Shirt World Cup 1998

Pole Work Edition (Croatia Home Euro 1996)

Couch Dance Edition (Spain Home Euro 1996)

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