Copa Libation: Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray (Champions League MatchDay 4)

Drink:    Pints of Newcastle

Snack:   Blue Diamond Almonds (Lightly Salted)

Picked this game because a) it was available on Watch ESPN and b) of the available games, figured it would be the most entertaining.  Scanning the line-ups I saw old friends: Felipe Melo (Juventus), Hamit Altintop (Real Madrid) and Shinji Kagawa (Manchester United).  Melo is a decent player but man is he dirty.

As for the match, according to announcers, Gala were more organized the than previous game where they were slaughtered.  Dortmund dominated the first half, spraying diagonal balls to Reus and trying to use the pace of Aubameyang.  The German team hit the cross bar on 24 minutes and Kagawa nearly scored with a spectacular effort. Then Reus opened the scoring with a wonderful ball by from Piszczek.  Reus angled his run from the left into the center and slotted it past the goalkeeper.  However, both teams were sloppy in possession, especially in midfield, which slowed down the pace of the game.

Sneijder gave the Turkish squad a glimmer of hope with a nice half volley to start the half, and fans from both sides were in great voice, but the Turkish fans took it one step further.  Ten minutes into the second half, they threw some sort of firecrackers onto the field that created noise and smoke.  Gala players had to tell fans to chill out and both teams were pulled to the sideline, causing a short delay.  Out of the delay, Sokratis scrambled in a corner, which to be fair was poorly defended.  Gala got a foot on the ball a little more and mixed up short passing and long balls up to Umut Bulut.  After a series of corners Hakan Kadir headed one in, and the goal caused some nervy moments for the hosts.  However Immobile finished off a razor sharp counter, and from there the game petered out with Dortmund putting Gala to the sword, running out 4-1 winners.

The game was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be but it was good to see different sides.  Galatasaray will be lucky to make the Europa League while Dortmund are cruising in the Champions League and now must focus on recovering their position in the Bundesliga.

On the fashion front, I’m usually not a fan of Puma’s gear but Klopp’s sideline jacket was sublime.  An all back offering with black reflective logos for the Puma and club logos.  Nice.


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