Strip Club–Manchester United 2014/15 Dollar Date

After the last two home kits underwhelmed (although the picnic table cloth of 12/13 did eventually grow on me because the design disappeared on TV), Nike produced a relatively straightforward option for the 2014/15 season. This shirt is a tweak of the 2011/12 version with white cuffs trimmed in black and red.  Chevrolet is the new shirt sponsor and the company’s logo dominates the shirt.  I’m hoping that in time that the word Chevrolet disappears and that the actual logo changes to a monochromatic color, preferably white.  I do like the motto on the inside the entire line of this year’s shirts–Youth, Courage, Greatness–as Louis Van Gaal should be able to restore all three. The shirt is fine enough except the button at the throat of the collar really bothers me.  Last year it was six and this year is one, so Nike is moving in the right direction.  Probably will pass on this one and hope that next year’s shirt is button free.

Photo courtesy of Footy Headlines


White away shirt. Fine. Chevrolet sponsor logo. Par for the course—see comments about that in the home shirt. Non contrasting cuffs of a suitable width. Great. But the collar is atrocious. Black flaps are marginally acceptable but the button in the middle makes this look like a schoolboy polo shirt that little Johnny has to pull on every day before another six hours of academic torture. Now if you flip up the collar Cantona style, red and white bands appear which make the appearance more tolerable. Definitely not the worst away kit but will be passing on this one.

Photos courtesy of Footy Headlines and Football Fashion


The third kit took me by surprise as the club unveiled it shortly before the friendly with Inter Milan.  A blue strip has been used off and on through the years, with the club and Umbro introducing a navy blue uniform towards the end of the 20th century.  These kits have been hit and miss and this strip is a recycled version of the 2005-2006 kit with a couple of tweaks.  The blue is a darker shade of royal blue, which is fine.  It’s the introduction of a second, even darker blue tone, almost navy blue on the back of the shirt and shorts that is a step to far.  Add to this salmon colored accenting (think FCB away 2009-2010) and BUTTONS and I’m less than thrilled.  I saw it against Inter and while I didn’t throw up on the TV, I was definitely unimpressed. If the strip had been one or the other it would have passable but the halved kit is a miss.

Photos courtesy of Footy Headlines and

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