The Ball is Round

ball is round

The Ball is Round, David Goldblatt

Footy fans, I probably wouldn’t start with this book, but at some point, if you have passion for the game, it must be read.  Goldblatt does an amazing job tracing the development of the game and how football has impacted politics and cultural and vice versa.  The scope and depth of the book are truly remarkable as he dives into the nature of the game and how it has developed throughout history.

Reading this book I realized several things: one, how much I don’t know about the game; two, how much I don’t know about political systems; and three just how much the game has influenced the world. His thoughts and research are organized by region and time period and each chapter contextualizes a particular moment in time while giving the reader a sense of how everything is tied together.

The book is daunting, 900 pages, and will need to read again and again and again to really understand how ingrained the game is in human history, but once I read the last page I felt a real sense of accomplishment and am glad that I took time to make it all the way through.

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