MatchDay Memory–Texas Adventure Day 5

There wasn’t really supposed to be a Day 5 post as I was scheduled to arrive in Chicago just after lunch time and then catch a train to East Lansing.  With internet access on the last leg of journey, I figured I would just be checking email and facebook and twitter and World Cup news.  The huge delay threw my whole return journey out of whack.

My plan when I initially learned about the delay was to have a couple of beers, get on the train, sleep and wake up the following morning.  Turns it out I had to sleep it off in the train station so then I was wide awake once I finally boarded the train.  Caught a little bit of sleep on the train but not much.  Added to the usual snoring was some sort of high pitched sound, possible a seat gyrating with the train.  Plus I couldn’t spread out with someone next to me.  So I slept a little, watched a little bit of a movie, rinse and repeat.

To top things off my recent crown chipped off during breakfast.  Calling the dentist to schedule an emergency appointment was added to my to do list.

I made a point of sitting in the observation car on the way home.  Little more space to spread out plus could see some ‘Merica.  Arkansas and Missouri were visually interesting while Illinois was straight up flat as a pancake.  My location also allowed me to see all the sorts of different people on a train. Families, people moving from one city to another for any number of reasons, tourists like me wanting to see America from a different point of view, all kinds of people.

Finally got to Chicago at 7pm, about 5 hours late.  Amtrak arranged for a bus to take us home rather than having us spend the night and getting some sort of transportation the next day.  At Union Station an interesting situation presented itself.  First of all almost everyone smoked a cigarette before getting on the bus.  Fair enough.  But then some people got on the bus, felt like we were waiting too long and then got off the bus to smoke again.

And then there’s this lady.  Last one to get to the bus. Smokes a cigarette and then complains that she’s hungry and has everyone to wait while she went back into Union Station got some food.  WTF!?!  If you’re hungry, eat.  Don’t smoke, then eat.  Almost everyone on the bus was hours behind their anticipated departure and you have to go and add 15 to 20 minutes because you had to have a cigarette before you thought about eating.  No way.  Figure it out.  First time I got really pissed in my ordeal.  Ordeal is probably harsh.  It was more of a hassle.  This family in front of me on the bus ride was coming from California to Michigan and got delayed by a god damn tornado.  That’s an ordeal.

I tried to reflect objectively on the trip.  Didn’t go as smoothly as I had wanted which conflicts with my need for control and sticking to the plan but I had to exercise some flexibility.  I didn’t get as angry as I usually do, only because there was nothing I could do.  I mean I could have flown or driven or taken the bus but there are possible problems with any means of transportation.

In the end got home five hours late, at 2 in the morning. Exhausted but home.  I got to tick two more MLS stadiums off the list, had a great time at each game, and got some stuff done to and from Texas.  Now for the World Cup.

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