MatchDay Memory–Texas Adventure Day 4

I woke up to heavy sheets of rain and went back to bed. Didn’t have to check out to 12pm and didn’t need to be to the train station until 2:30.  Finally woke up and decided to get my crap together.  With everything packed and some time to kill, I watched the first Mission Impossible movie.  Still have never seen the entire thing from start to finish.

The morning rain had cleared up and it turned out to be a nice day.  Checked out of the hotel, picked up some lunch and then walked through Dallas for a while.  I came upon an intersection with tons of tourists and looked around.  The location of the Kennedy Assassination.  Grassy knoll, Book Depository, X’s on the street where the shots hit.  A piece of history right in front of me.  Had I planned my day better I probably would have checked out the museum or taken the trolley tour.  I made a quick walk through and kept moving.

Sat in a park and did some journaling for the blog then it was time to head into the train station.  This was the announcement I was met with: Attention customers waiting on the train from Dallas to Chicago.  This train will not be arriving until 6:30pm and we apologize for any inconvenience.  The train was 3 hours late.  Blurgh!!  (Note: There was a train derailment outside of Fort Worth.)

I stood in the station and tried to figure out what to do next.  No Starbucks around (yes I know I work for BIGGBY but we aren’t nationwide yet).  Then I remembered walking through a trendy district full of bars and restaurants, so I found a coffee shop, had an iced caramel coffee and contemplated how to kill some time.

The only sporting event on was baseball so watching college kids try to make the College World Series wasn’t an option.  I found another park and worked on my podcast and movie project until I got hungry and then head to TGI Friday’s.  Candice was my bartender and she took care of me, suggesting the Rahr and Sons Blonde Beer.  So I got one of those and watched a little bit of the Brazil/Serbia friendly (field looked horrible), posted my latest pod and blog and then watched the last 20 minutes of Lansing United/Cincinnati Stars game on an internet feed.  United lost 3-2 and looking at their schedule they have a couple of winnable games but finishing against two strong teams in Indiana Fire and DCFC.

Back to the train station to find out that the train was not expected until 7:30.  The longer I sat there, the longer the delay.  In the end, I left the station six hours later than my scheduled time.  Another example of super disorganized boarding.  There was a sense of a line but everyone was just on the platform waiting.  An attendant just jumped into a crowd and started scanning tickets, so I got my scanned and headed into one of the cars.  Thought I would have a free seat next to me.  Have to protect  the personal bubble.  Denied.  Someone sat next to me, destination Chicago, and I had a buddy for the long haul.  So I put in a World Cup video (1978) and settled in for a very long ride.

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