Quick Rant–Manchester Derby

Let me be clear: Ashley Young should be released immediately.  There is no tactical or physical or psychological argument you can make that will change my mind.  I lovingly call him the turnover machine.  I won’t go into the many examples because it pisses me off too much.He doesn’t score, doesn’t contribute to the attack and is only a marginal defender.  So why does he keep playing?  This not a knee jerk reaction to the Reds’ performance today.  These are the facts about player over the last 18 months.

As for game, Tony V struggled.  Arguably at fault for two of the goals as he didn’t track back, he needs to be called out.  I have much more time for him and felt today was a one off rather thn a trend.  The team as a whole struggled in possession, especially for the first half hour or so. And not because they were under a ton of pressure.  They simply weren’t sharp.   City punished them to make it 1-0.  United got back in  the game and then the killer second goal came at the stroke of halftime. What happened the first ten minutes of the second half is beyond me.  The announcers praised United’s activity in the second half.  Yeah because City had their legs up and were cruising.  Easy on the positive reinforcement.

Back to the training ground.  United put a tough stretch of league games behind them and hopefully can accumulate points over the next couple of weeks.  Me, Back to the bar and drink my problems away.

Addition.  City looked great, full of composure and invention and ruthlessness.  This showing is why the rest of the league is terrified of this team.  If they ever all get it right, no team in the Premier League can touch them.

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