MatchDay Memory–Summer 2013 Part Three: Reading

Last summer I read a lot of soccer books, but this summer I read a lot for a class rather than pure enjoyment.  To be clear the class I took, ISS 328 Culture of Soccer, was quite enjoyable.  The online course through Michigan State University took students through the history of the game, from historic games involving a ball of any kind right up to today and the increased commercialization the game faces at club and international level.  Most of the class interactions and all of my contributions can be found at my Culture of Soccer page, and I welcome any feedback or thoughts.

As a result of my learning about the South Africa World Cup, I checked out Mandela: The Authorized Biography by Anthony Sampson.  I vaguely remember the South African leader being released from prison and the book was a fascinating account of perseverance, forgiveness, vision and strength.

The only footy book I was able to read was the Biography of Manchester United. (Complete review here) Although the book was quite biased, I found great insight into the club from near financial ruin to its emergence as of Europe’s great club powers.

As for another club I follow, FC Barcelona, there was the sad news about the resignation of Tito Vilanova due to illness.  Gerardo Martino was summoned from Argentina to attempt to keep the Blaugrana machine rolling.  I spent some time trying to learn all I could about new FCB coach:  Olly Dawes on possible tactics; Lee Roden on key facts about new coach; Graham Hunter discussed Messi’s impact on the signing; and Joe Jessup on the manager’s playing and managerial history.

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