Strip Club–Manchester United 2013/14 Dollar Date

The Manchester United kits have been released for the upcoming season, and regardless of design, the Red Devils will be sporting the gold Premier League patch, signifying another championship, which is really all that matters.  Hopefully Moyes can keep things rolling domestically while making a push in Europe.

Manchester United 13-14 Home Kit (5)

The home kit returns to a solid red with no trim whatsoever.  A white Nike swoosh, black devil just under the collar at the back of the neck, and the badge are all that accent the shirt.  Well that and the buttons and the collar. Simply put, too many buttons.  I count six (with one on the back of the neck) and looks kinda grade school. Plus if you button it all the way up, not a good look.

The return of the collar has been listed as a selling point, harkening back to Cantona’s time at the club in mid-90’s.  The problem is that the design revealed when you flip the collar is awful. United’s offical site tries to put a historical spin on the collar design:  “Underneath the collar is a subtle tonal grey-and black-gingham check, first used on last season’s home shirt. The check represents Manchester’s industrial past, referencing the city’s cotton mills of the 18th century, which once produced the classic check fabric”, but I call bullshit or shenanigans or something.  The kit is completeled by white shorts with the club badge and manufacturer, and black socks with accented stripes around the shins.  In the end, the home shirt is ok but it continues a worrying trend of meh and deterioration from the epic 2007-09 shirt.

manu buttons

As for the away strip, leaks have been out for months.  While the shade of the shirt varied, the design did not—in essence a bluer version of last year’s red home shirt.  The final product is indeed a blue variation of “the iconic gingham check”.  To be honest the red shirt grew on me last year with the pattern fading on TV.  This shirt already looks sharp and the entire kit is fantastic.  I really like the midnight navy blue throughout and the all white crest, and while I won’t buy it, I won’t slag it off like the away kit from two year’s ago.

So Phil Knight’s men did an acceptable job this year.  No #StoptheSleeve madness, which I appreciate, but room for improvement next season.

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