Strip Club–FCB 2013/14 Dollar Date

After last year’s traveshamockeries (home was a PSG rip off, away was the infamous tequila sunrise), this year’s offering from FCB and Nike sees the home shirt return to normal while the away makes a political statement.

The yellow ring collar returns to the home shirt, being first used during the 2010-11 season.  The red and blue are the more traditional scarlet and whatever color that blue is.  Once again, Nike is effin with the sleeves, but I can handle these red to blue transitions rather than the thick bands of other Nike kits.  The strip is completed with blue shorts and red and blue striped socks, which are a little busy for my tastes.

Barcelona 13/14 Nike Home Football Shirt

The away strip is a radical (I use that word intentionally) diversion from the norm.  The away kits of the last couple of seasons, with the exception of the all black strip of 2011/12 and maybe the yellow/navy blue/yellow of 2008-09, have been awful in appearance—electric mint, tangerine, salmon, neon yellow, khaki and of course last year’s cluster.  This year the club has introduced a kit which used the colors of Catalan Senyera.  The alternating yellow and red stripes have made subtle appearances on the kits, usually just below the collar at the back of the neck.  Now the whole kit is getting the treatment and is rounded off with red shorts and red and yellow hooped socks.

Barcelona 13/14 Nike Away Football Shirt

Last fall Catalonia seemed at the tipping point of independence.  The home game against Real Madrid in October was used as a stage for the crowd to make a bold declaration.  Maybe things have died down or maybe it’s because it’s the off season or maybe because Barca cruised to the title while licking their European wounds, but the talk of breaking away seems to have gone away.  It will be interesting to see how using the kit as a bold billboard will move the dial.

In the end, the Blaugrana and the Swoosh are back on the right track.  The home kit returns to its roots, while the away is a one off historical gesture.  Would have preferred that used the senyera as a third kit, but there’s always next year.

Special thanks to Football Fashion, Total Barca, Football Shirt Culture and the official site of FC Barcelona for information and research for this post.

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