Strip Club–Personal Kit Collection

Ever since I started following the Beautiful Game, I have loved kits. Different than American jerseys, they seemed so exotic with different designs and shirt sponsors. I started buying ones I could find in the mid-90s and haven’t stopped. However, I have had to create some rules now that I am a family man. Of course, they say rules are meant to be broken, but a couple of years ago, as a means of managing my kit habit, I made the following self-imposed guidelines:

  • I would only buy a club or international kit every three years.
  • I would only buy international kits of the United States Men’s National Team.  Why?  Because I’m American, if only by an accident of birthplace.
  • I would not buy “hero jerseys”.  If they were personalized, then it would be with me—JUNIOR 7.
  • I would not buy kits at full price.  Instead I would buy them on sale (promotional or otherwise) or wait until the release of the following set of kits.

With that mind, inspired by twitter, I took pictures of my kits.  I believe they are in chronological order by category.  Feel free to share your comments.

Manchester United

manchester united

FC Barcelona

fc barcelona

Juventus FC


National Teams

national teams





Please visit my Strip Club page as I review each of the kits plus jerseys I would love to own.  Please feel free to share your comments about the kits I have reviewed or your favorites.  Also, you can follow me on twitter @AustinLong1974.



    • oldshirts
    • January 4th, 2013

    I do like the United blue and white striped shirt, and the Juve home shirt, and the Croatia and Ukraine ones!

    Not many US shirts (jerseys) there, I would have thought there would be more than one. I have a few Minnesota Stars (NSC Stars, Minnesota Thunder) in my collection. I’m also quite fond of the Colombus Crew away (road) shirt for the season just finished, must look out on e(vil)Bay for one.

  1. i have a recent US one (blue with white sash) but forgot to lay it out. i used to have several DC United ones, but they did not it make it through my jersey purge when i moved. the orange is a Michigan Bucks knockoff and i will probably get a Detroit City FC one this summer. thanks for commenting, RT’ing and getting my stuff out into the interwebs.

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