Old Futbol Buffet–Insane Afternoon

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Consider me crazy.

Why I continue to watch any game involving Portugal is beyond me.  They run with purpose and pass the ball and defend and CR7 prances around and then nothing.  No goals, few chances.  I tweeted to a fellow soccer fan after the match:

ME: CR7 is surrounded by players with low soccer IQ’s. he will never win any international trophies.

FAN: mind you, not much anyone can do with this Spain side playing how they are!

ME: true but even as #ESP come back to pack a la #FCB, Portuguese team struggles to score & win important matches. why do i watch?

I’m pretty sure Capello’s pre game notes read grab early goal (check) and soak up pressure (check) and secure three points (check).  Kerzhakov punished a Portuguese turnover as Bruno Alves was out to the lunch in transition.  From there Russia collapsed centrally and allowed the visitors to go wide, where their service was poor, while attempts at interchanging passes around the penalty area ended in frustration.  Portugal’s best chances came from set pieces in which their aerial dominance (Alves in particular) came to the fore.  Had Russia been able to possess better, they could have added several more goals.  As it was they continually gave the ball back and invited the hosts on to them.

Nani was his usual terrible self, mis-hitting crosses and dribbling into pressure, although he had a layoff of exquisite quality that almost led to an equalizer.   Didn’t recognize Coentrao a) because I didn’t realize he was still playing as he has disappeared from RMFC and b) because his highlights were gone, so I looked for a blond haired left back and couldn’t find one.  Unfortunately he went off injured and did not look good.

As for kits, pleasing to the eye.  Both are still wearing their kits from Euro 2012 and here were my thoughts going into that tournament:

The Russians return to a redder red instead of the maroon version of 2010 (which was released as a World Cup kit before they were eliminated by Slovenia).  Usually I go for the sash, but the Russian kit doesn’t work for me, especially since the sublimated design looks like chain mail.


The Portuguese kit is simple and clean.  Not as good as the home but fine nonetheless.

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