Old Futbol Extra–Kits and Crests

Encountered some articles and posts about jerseys and club crests during my travels around the interweb, so I thought I would put together a quick post and share.

Football Shirts posted a story which caught my eye—small Greek teams getting creative for their sponsorship deals.  Paliopygros FC have a local funeral home across their chests while Voukefalas promote a brothel on their kits.  Times are tough.

Watching Champions League highlights from Match Day 2, I saw Celtic’s away kit in their fine result against Spartak Moscow.  AH-Mazing.  All black looked stunning, especially without Tennant’s across the chest.  The Anniversary crest really stands out on a jersey using the #PurpleReignPaint template that goes on the dark side.  Might put this on the wish list.  (And credit to my brother for letting me know about Celtic jerseys and to Kit Nerd FB page for the home anniversary kit, complete with awkward Neil Lennon video.)

Michael Hann looked at the EPL home kits for the Guardian and had some unkind words for some of them (Arsenal, Fulham, QPR and Manchester United).  He echoed my #StoptheSleeve sentiment for Everon’s kit as well.

In the same vein, Classic Shirts tweeted out a link to their jersey Hall of Shame.  Some of these are absolutely atrocious.

Recently a lot has been made about Catalunya breaking away in some fashion from the rest of Spain.  I don’t pretend to understand the history and ramifications but it has led to the possibility of Barca wearing a very striking uniform next season—the senyera.

This seems to more of a political statement than a marketing one as James Horncastle examines for the Score.  I also found a google translation of an editorial in El Pais by Jordi Badia, former director of communication for Barca, that looks at how Rosell is trying to position himself in the debate.

Moving on club badges, a facebook friend shared this post from the Bleacher Report due to the Cork City crest.  This was in reference to the crest I designed for my over 30 team.

Austin Long

Editor’s Note: The other team in our league wanted representation.  (see comments)  So in the spirit of equal time:

Grand Saints

FC Nordsjaelland’s crest was sharp and probably my favorite of that group.

This sent me on an internet shame spiral.  I found this club football badge quiz which will test your knowledge.  I also downloaded a club football logo app for my Droid phone.  I’m almost done with Spain, England and Italy.  Germany and France are proving to be a little tougher.

    • Ken
    • October 4th, 2012

    Harsh… can you add our crest to your blog??? after all… we are the 2 best teams in the 30+ league

  1. done.

  2. No props for turning you onto the Celtic jerseys? It hurts.

    • my bad. let me do some quick editing.

      • Ha! That was unnecessary, but appreciated. They are awesome are they not? It’s something about black jerseys in any sport that get me. These with the alternating slightly lighter black strips are great. I don’t buy many jerseys, but I might have to splurge.

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