Old Futbol Buffet–Schedules 1 Austin 0

USMNT 1  Jamaica 0

I was beaten by several different schedules on the second day of games for this round of World Cup Qualifying.  My work schedule prevented me from watching games, my son’s behavior kept me from checking out the opening moments of the US game, and my wife got home late from her job which prevented me from watching the entire first half of the US game.

I walked into Buffalo Wild Wings just before the second half kicked off, having followed the first half on twitter.  Looks like Klinsmann’s men had been watching their FCB videos, dominating possession but no finished product.  For a while it looked like the goal wouldn’t come and when it did, it was magnificent until you watch the replay over and over from several different angles.  The Jamaican keeper really should have done better and may need to do some hand strengthening exercises between now and the next qualifier.

But the worst part of the night was how the US had to grind out the last 15 minutes.  Suddenly the composure and slickness was gone as Jamaica actually put pressure higher up the field.  Several loose passes and poor touches gave the visitors the ball far too easily and then Jozy couldn’t even keep the ball in the corner.

All in all, a good response from the US.  The missing personnel and team changes from Friday made a big difference, but the match was worrying because they couldn’t break down the Jamaicans.  They travel to Antigua next, which could be tricky, and finish up with Guatemala at home.  Hopefully the Stars and Stripes will figure out how to score between now and then.

Ridge Mahoney rated the players for Soccer America, making special mention of Gomez (beyond the goal), Zusi and Cherundolo.  Not sure how Dempsey got the lowest score of the starters.  Not a great performance but there were a couple of duds out there besides him.

George Dohrmann looked at the changes that Klinsmann made for the game, giving him high marks for each one.  The new players provided width, experience and stability, which gave the US a platform to dominate from.



Derek Rae commented on Louis van Gaal’s second time around in charge of the Dutch, noting his certain qualities as he tries to rebuild the national team.  Only time will tell if his unique demeanor and trust in youth will pay off for the Oranje.

Tim Vickery gave a quick recap of the proceedings in South America.  Colombia has relaunched their campaign to be in Brazil after years in the wilderness, and Paraguay’s run of consecutive Cups is probably over, while Argentina continue marching on.

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