Strip Club–Manchester United 2012/13 Dollar Date

A picnic cloth draped across the chests of professional athletes was my initial response. The post at Beautiful Gear used the word “lumberjack”, and my gag reflex depended on the quality of the images I found on the internet.  The tartan is actually understated in stills from this summer’s preseason tour, and watching highlights, I actually find it growing on me.  I will reserve final judgment until I see it live and in HD.

Manchester_United home 12 13

As for the away kit (courtesy of Football Fashion), I love it.  It’s one of the best away jerseys in years, and the long sleeve is very elegant and it is definitely going on the wish list.

Man-Utd-Away-Jersey-2013A couple of notes from the author of the post:

The stand out feature on the new shirt is the Henley Crew collar with a red detail and a button closure; this style of course being part of the heritage of the club but also a nod to the current youth style in Manchester.  The shirt also has a black monochromatic crest to compliment the design.

The shorts are a black tonal Gingham print in line with the new home shirt design.

Makes you wonder why NIKE can put narrow trim on these sleeves but butcher another dozen kits?  I’m not crazy about the shorts but the print will fade on TV and you won’t even be able to tell.  No way that I’m buying them though.

  1. thank you for this useful post!It’s very elegant and it is definitely going on the wish list.
    If I want to buy it,do you have some suggestion?

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