Strip Club–Juventus 2012/13 Dollar Date

Originally I was unsure about Juventus’ home kit for the upcoming campaign.  Reviewing the post at, I liked the thicker stripes but couldn’t quite get a handle on the sponsor and on the back of the shirts.  However, I watched highlights from the Old Lady’s first friendly and I was sold.  The JEEP logo is not perfect but it works well enough.  I’m not sure what the club or NIKE were supposed to do.  No stars are present currently because of the controversy over the number of scudetti Juventus have won.  As for the back of the jersey, the white box gives contrast for the player’s names.

Juventus 12/13 Nike Home Football Shirt

Last year’s away kit was historically accurate but contemporarily ugly.  I did not like the pink, although with the black shorts and black socks, I have to admit I was able to tolerate it by the end.  However, when they wore it for home games, I was pretty annoyed.  But I digress.  However, this year’s offering is much better and is so close, so close to being perfect but NIKE had to spoil the party.

juventus 12/13 nike away football shirt

I love all black strip so the kit is way ahead in my book and the centering of the swoosh, scudetto and crest is organized, with the Jeep logo reversed out in a simple black and white.  Where the jersey loses points is at the sleeves.  My one man #StoptheSleeve campaign continues against NIKE and why they can’t just leave the sleeves well enough alone is beyond me.  The narrow white stripes give the jersey just the hint of a training top and keeps it from being EPIC.  I know, a small complaint, but I figure you spend all this time on the design and the fabric and presentation, don’t undue the hard work with a small fuck up.

In the end I may still buy this one, only because I haven’t picked up a recent Juve kit since 2008, so this may be one to add to the collection.  Maybe I’ll tuck the ends of the sleeves under to get rid of the stripes and show off the guns.  Maybe not.

For further details and specifics of the kit, check out Football Fashion’s excellent post on the entire strip.


In doing research for this post, I tried to figure out JEEP’s connection to Juventus.  A couple of years ago, the Old Lady had New Holland as a sponsor, which was a subsidiary of FIAT, the company owned by Agnelli’s.  Turns out that FIAT acquired shares of Chrysler and JEEP is one of their brands.

From the wikipedia entry:

Jeep is a brand of American automobiles that is a marque of Chrysler Group LLC, a multinational manufacturer in a global strategic alliance with Fiat.  The former Chrysler Corporation acquired the Jeep brand, along with the remaining assets of its owner American Motors, in 1987. Jeep’s line of vehicles consists solely of sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles but has also included pickup trucks in the past.

Acquisition of Chrysler

On 20 January 2009, Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler LLC announced their intention to form a global alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, Fiat would take a 20% stake in Chrysler and gain access to its North American distribution network in exchange for providing Chrysler with technology and platforms to build smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles in the US and providing reciprocal access to Fiat’s global distribution network.

In addition, the proposed agreement would entitle Fiat to receive a further 15% (without cash consideration) through the achievement of specific product and commercial objectives. No cash or financial support was required from Fiat under the agreement. Instead it would obtain its stake mainly in exchange for covering the cost of retooling a Chrysler plant to produce one or more Fiat models for in the US. Fiat would also provide engine and transmission technology to enable Chrysler to introduce smaller, fuel-efficient models in the NAFTA market. The deal was engineered by Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne, who pulled the Italian group back from the brink of collapse after taking over in 2004. The principal objective of the partnership was to provide both groups with significantly enhanced economies of scale and geographical reach at a time when they were struggling to compete with larger and more global rivals such as Toyota, Volkswagen and alliance partners Renault S.A. and Nissan.[27]

On 30 April 2009, Fiat announced the signing of a series of agreements to form a global strategic alliance with Chrysler, with Fiat receiving an initial 20% stake and the option to further purchase/receive additional ownership interests in Chrysler, pursuant to certain conditions being met. Fiat’s shareholding would be capped at 49%, however, until all government loans had been repaid.

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