Strip Club–FCB 2012/13 Dollar Date

Last year FCB and Nike released a home kit that was mildly troublesome with the narrow stripes that bent in a diagonal fashion (it eventually grew on me), while the away kit was a sleek black, accented by yellow numbers and letters, that was pretty freakin sweet.

This year, the club launched their upcoming line and I have one word: BLURGH!!

I flooded my twitter timeline with the following comments:

  • Dear Phil Knight & #Nike, humbly submitting my app as newest kit designer. This (#FCB #Stopthesleeve etc.) cannot stand. We can do better.
  • FCB meet PSG. PSG meet FCB.
  • world’s best team playing in kits impossible 2 look @, in tradition of salmon/electric mint/floro yellow.

From the FCB website:

The Barcelona shirt for the 2012-2013 season features a new and daring look, with the world famous stripes gradually merging from red to blue. The design has been described as reflecting how the club has made such copious use of young, local talent for so many years in combination with some of the world’s top international stars, thus reflecting the club’s famous blend of youth, tradition and creativity.

This home jersey is a huge source of aggravation for me and is unlike anything previous.  Look back through the years.  I suppose if they blurred a royal blue with the red, that would have made sense.  Otherwise, this is a PSG throwaway kit.

As for the away strip, just hideous.  These are grown men, not 8 year old AYSO players that don’t know any better.  Treat them with some respect.  The colors are basically a fusion of 06/07 and 08/09 versions and create a “vibrant” Tequila Sunrise.

Obviously my position is that Nike got these horribly wrong.  I cannot believe that players will actually have to wear these and that I will have to watch them on TV.  High Def may actually be a hindarance for these.

  1. The designers must have been using the “Gradient” color scheme from Powerpoint. But what they fail to realize, is that it doesn’t look good on the screen or on a jersey.

    • not too familiar with PP but get your point. both kits are horrifying and just don’t understand why.

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