Strip Club–La Liga Kits 2012/13

This page is an attempt to gather all of the La Liga kits into one place.  There are plenty of great sites–,,, to name a few–that have breakdowns, information and pictures of this season’s kits.  Please visit those for more info.  So here we go.  I plan to add commentary as I have the time and motivation.


Athletic Bilbao (Courtesy of

Athletic Bilbao’s new away shirt is mainly black with a red/white/red collar and red trim around the sleeve ends. The Umbro logo is placed on the top right part of the chest with the club crest on the opposite side. Petronor, club sponsor has its logo at the center of both shirts.

Pics at football fashion show the the full strip.  Really like the socks for both kits.  Not sure about the black-red-red combo.

Atlético Madrid (Courtesy of

The home kit reverses out last year’s version, with the red stripe down the middle instead of white.  For the away kit, Los Colchoneros sport an all black strip that features alternating, horizontal stripes.  Not sure about those, although I suppose they could blend away on TV, which would be fine.  Both strips are examples of my #StoptheSleeve anger, with the color choices accenting the sleeve edges looking great but the thickness putting me off, especially the red on the away jersey.  Plus there is a red band along the bottom of the away kit that is going to suck if players don’t tuck their shirts in.

Atleti is still looking for a shirt sponsor.  If they don’t get it just right, a sponsor logo could spoil otherwise solid kits.

Barcelona (Courtesy of me)

Visit the link for my thoughts.  Not happy with either.  Not happy at all.

Celta Vigo (Courtesy of

Celta Vigo return to La Liga with a home kit that takes Sevilla’s idea from last year and raises it.  The jersey if manufactured by Chinese company Li-Ning (not familiar with at all) and the sky blue is created in a unique style.

From forza football:

One of the most unique things about the home kit is that the names of all the socios or supporters is incorporated into the shirt, this is a classy tribute to the loyal fans.  Also included inside the collar of the jersey is the traditional club saying “afouteza, corazón, orgullo e tradición” or  ”support, heart, pride and tradition”.  Citroen, the car maker is the sponsor of the shirt.

Update: Football Fashion posted that Celta will be switching to adidas starting in 2013, and the sportswear manufacturer released a commemorative kit for the Copa del Rey tie against Real Madrid.

Deportivo La Coruña (Courtesy of

Espanyol (Courtesy of

The club released three kits for the upcoming campaign, which will be produced Puma.  The home kit is standard with the blue and white horizontal stripes, blue shorts and hooped socks and looks great.  I’m surprised that I liked the collar, which I hated so much on the Italian home jersey at Euro 2012.  For the away kit, there is a mixture of lime and grey.  Maybe it’s modern or something but it doesn’t really appeal to me.  As for the third kit, the olive combo looks to eerily similar to Lazio’s away kit from last year, a strip that looked ghastly on TV.  In summary, hopefully Los Periquitos wear their home kit a lot this year.

Getafe (Courtesy of

Granada (Courtesy of

From Heath Chester’s (@HeathFMResearch) guest post:

In total, three outfield kits, four goalkeeper kits and a women’s shirt were launched. The emphasis for Luanvi and Granada CF was on original and unique designs. The home kit stays with the traditional red, white and blue colours, but the “barcode effect” brings some variety to the normally solid red hoops. Whilst the black kit is fairly standard, the third kit pays homage to the original Granada Recreativo (the founding club), with sky blue and white colours.

Levante (Courtesy of

Málaga (Courtesy of

The home kit is solid–a mixture of Manchester City and Depor–while the away strip is good except for sleeves on the jerseys.  Don’t really like lime third.

Mallorca (Courtesy of

Both jerseys are simple with pinstripes that will be hard to see on TV, which is probably for the best. The GK jersey is awful.  Looks like a confused chemical equation.

Osasuna (Courtesy of

I am not familiar with the manufacturer and have to say, not that impressed.  The home shirt has several stitching elements that are very distracting and make the jersey look second rate at best.  Then the goalkeeping strips go completely sideways, looking like damaged blinds that you can find at my house.  The away strip is a weird light blue/gray that is intriguing but suffers from the Nike sleeve syndrome.

Rayo Vallecano

Real Betis (Courtesy of

Macron (which seems to be every where these days) has produced three kits for Real Betis.  The home strip is very traditional, using green across the shoulders and narrow stripes with white shorts.  Green is the predominant color of the away strip and is very simple and elegant.  The navy blue third kit is not too bad but the green accents are hideous.  Should have used white or nothing at all.

Real Madrid (Courtesy of

Real Madrid’s kits from adidas are solid this year.  The home kit is the traditional white with navy trim.  There is also a hint of turquoise that I don’t like, but the shiny vertical pinstripes are a nice touch and the navy blue band on the sleeves is tastefully done (take note Nike).  As for the away kit, the navy blue strip is accented by neon yellow and surprisingly works for me.  Again the shiny pinstripes are present and the modified ring collar provides a contrast to the V neck of the home jersey.  And take note of Kaka in a promotional photo.  Might be the only chance you see him in the colors of Real Madrid this season.

Real Sociedad (Courtesy of

So Nike has done a decent job with these, although I can’t tell if the away kit is creamsicle  orange or more of a Dutch orange.  However, the numbers are jarring and I’m not sure if these will be awesome or absolutely horrible.

Real Zaragoza (Courtesy of

The home strip is very simple, but don’t get stung by the away kit, a mash up of a bumble bee and FCB’s home kit design.  Ouch.  The third kit, as if a team teetering on the brink of financial and sporting survival needs a third option, is ok but I don’t like the red-blue-red combo.

Sevilla  (Courtesy of

Each strip is very simple, almost too simple, looking very much like a series of special polo shirts.  You could probably get away with wearing these on the golf course without drawing too much attention.  I do love the all navy third strip.  That one is going on the wish list.

Valencia (Courtesy of

I’m still looking for one unified post, but for now, I’ll link to each kit.

Home  The kit is the traditional white shirt, black shorts and white shorts.  Manufactured by Joma and featuring Valencia’s sponsor that they picked up for the second half of the year—Jinko Solar—this kit is relatively low key.  I think the pinstripes will disappear on TV, which is fine, but I’m not sure about the collar.  From far away it looks ok but the close ups leave me wondering.  The slight white trim at the bottom if the shorts is a nice touch as well.

Away  Wow.  The post reads purple but the pictures make the color unclear.  Regardless, great look, with a tight fit, understated ring collar and pleasant accents.  Really like this one.

Third  This strip has historical and cultural links that I don’t understand.  Definitely different and will stand out when they wear it.

New Third.  An additional third kit has been added for the second half of the season.  The strip debuted in the away game against Malaga 11/24/12 and looks sharp.

Valladolid (Courtesy of Spanish language site that I don’t understand)

Valladolid are back in the big time and since purple is part of the crest, they are allowed to use it, (I’m looking at you Arsenal and Porto), and Kappa goes for the color big time on the home kit.  Wide stripes are used on the home kit, in contrast to last year’s thinner stripes, with purple sleeves.   The away strip is a Spanish version of Parma’s recent kits, using a black background highlighting a purple cross.  I don’t know much about this team but love their kits.  Should look very attractive on TV.

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