Strip Club–Euro 2012 Kit Tournament Review

As the real tournament progressed, I kept on eye on my kit picks and wanted to see if any of my opinions changed throughout the three weeks.  Here are a couple of quick thoughts.

Group A

I felt good about this group.  The Poland home combo of white jersey, red shorts and white socks was phenomenal, creating a contrast that didn’t exist in the all white strip against Russia and the Czech Republic.  The Greek blue strip was pretty sharp in HD, and in another group, it might have done a little better.  The Czechs came through this section as group winners and the checkered pattern above the chest was a nice touch.

Group B

I got this group totally wrong.

Germany’s home strip (white/black/white) was simple and classy and I might have put too much emphasis on the tiny diagonal accents (barely noticeable on TV). They wore this strip in all three matches (figured they would wear the away jersey against the Dutch), and the absence of the green kit may have allowed the Germans to advance.

The Dutch got nothing right in regards to their play or their kits.  Maybe black shorts might have broken up the home kit, but as the Dutch sweated and toiled towards elimination, the kit just got worse.  The jersey did not seem to breathe well and I have no idea how the Oranje were able to take the sweat soaked tops off at the end of matches.

Portugal’s kits simply jumped off the screen and after a putrid opener, they progressed to the knockout stage with ease.  Finally, the Danes wore their red shirts in two of their three games, which I didn’t account for, so they would not have moved on

Group C

Croatia, my group winners, went with the traditional checked pattern for the entire group stage and failed to cash in on the blue away kit.  Really think sales would have spiked had audiences caught a glimpse of it.  (Note: as @Jay29ers rightly pointed out on twitter, Croatia wore their Away kit in the win over Ireland.  I missed that match and in my research of the group stages, totally missed that.  Thanks for the sharp eyes.)  However, the contrast of the all blue Italy kit and the Croatian home strip on Match Day 2 was delightful.

Italy went with their blue kit for the entire group stage, which really screwed up my brackets. Spain would have won the opening confrontation and moved on in my fantasy world, eliminating Ireland, whose green jersey surprisingly grew on me.  Still don’t know if the socks are awesome or AYSO.  The Irish broke out the white in the final game against Italyand it looked pretty good.  The Spanish only wore their light blue kit once (thank God), on the last day against Croatia.  I did like the socks, with the Spanish flag standing out against the baby blue background.

Group D

England also threw a wrench in my picks as they went with the all white in the opener against France.  Amazing how good it looked, while the black one still looked awful.

I had the Ukrainians doing well in my predictions but the yellow grew tiresome by the end of the second match.  Might have got that one wrong, but the blue kit against England was top drawer.

The French didn’t wear their all white strip until the final game against Sweden, which was too bad.  The blue one looked better on TV but still had this weird vibe to it that I can’t describe.

The Swedes progressed in my kit tournament but why?  What was I thinking?  Match ups?  Secret man crush on Ibra?  Close ups of hot female fans?  The traditional home kit was fine, and the away kit actually looked really sharp, with the navy blue a fantastic foil to the yellow strip of the Ukrainians, but they should not have made it through.  Can’t get them all right.


Check out for game by game breakdown


In the end, here were my top five kits of the tournament:

  • Holland Away
  • Croatia Away
  • England Home
  • Poland Home
  • Czech Republic Home

Honorable Mention:

  • Italy Away (didn’t make an appearance)
  • Portugal Away
  • France Away
  • Croatia Home


Again, special thanks to Mao Football, whose post got this all kicked off for me.  Also to , who put together a slide show of each jersey.  Finally, 7football created a graphic representation of each strip complete with shirt, shorts and socks.  And thanks to everyone who commented on twitter, facebook and this blog.  This was lots of fun and created some fun dialogue.

    • Mike
    • June 21st, 2012

    Great job with this A. Fun read throughout.

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