Strip Club–Euro 2012 Kit Tournament (Knockout Stages)

In an ambitious effort to get involved with the upcoming Euros, I followed the draw, game by game, to determine which kit would win Euro 2012 based on my tastes.  These posts are an extension of my Strip Club posts and the epic Kit Tournament done by Avoiding the Drop for the 2010 World Cup.

Special thanks to Mao Football, whose post got this all kicked off for me.  Also to , who put together a slide show of each jersey.  Finally, 7football created a graphic representation of each strip complete with shirt, shorts and socks.  Truly phenomenal stuff.

I’ve made it to the knockout stages and here are my picks.



Poland v Denmark

On another day, Denmark might have rekindled memories of 20 years ago when they won the 1992 Euros in stunning fashion, but their red kit gave them no chance of advancing in this matchup.  The hosts playing in white easily win this game as there will not be another Danish miracle.

Portugal v Czech Republic

This is one of the toughest match-ups of the tournament.  The maroon home kit of Portugal against the white kit of the Czech Republic.  In a highly entertaining, back and forth match, penalties will decide the winner.  Maybe I have a bias against the Portuguese or maybe the memory of Cristiano missing another penalty is still fresh in my mind but I am going with the clean, classy strip of the Czech Republic.

Croatia v Sweden

Easy pick here, with the checkered home kit of Croatia getting the job done against the navy blue kit of the Swedes.  How they even got this far, I’ll never know.

Ukraine v Ireland

I imagine Ukraine will run out in yellow against the Irish in green.  Since I’m not a big fan of the Irish home kit and the hosts will have full support, the Ukrainians will be in the semis of a major competition.


Poland v Croatia

Poland’s home kit has gotten them pretty far on home soil and they meet a kit that is unique in form and design.  Now that we are down to the final stages, it is very hard to make a choice.  I am trying to temper my love of Croatia and look at things clearly. Poland is at home, which is a factor, but it’s not enough to take down the blue kit of the Croatians.

Czech Republic v Ukraine

Assuming the Czechs were their all red kit, which strip does Ukraine wear?  All blue, all yellow?  My guess is that the blue kit of the Ukraine will make another appearance. Again, two nice kits which are hard to separate.  And again a host country is eliminated at the final hurdle.


Croatia v Czech Republic

In this final, Croatia should wear their traditional checkered pattern, but since it is red and white and the Czech kits are red or white, I see Croatia wearing their blue strip and the Czech Republic wearing the all white, which will provide a nice contrast.  At this stage, there are no losers.  In a tightly contest affair, I’m going with the all white strip of the Czech Republic.

So there you go.  Hope you enjoyed reading about and viewing these kits as I did putting it together.  I hope to have a proper preview up before the tournament starts.  And by proper I mean short, uninformed and not very clear.  Can’t wait for this competition to kick off.

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