Old Futbol Buffet–Piss on the Fire

When I heard the Michigan Bucks were hosting the Chicago Fire in a US Open Cup game, I thought, I missed the Carlos Valderrama experience in 1999, so I didn’t want to make the same mistake.  So I immediately got online and picked up two tickets for the game at the Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac, MI.

Ultimate is an indoor facility with three full fields, a bar, training facilities, the works.  It’s also where my 30+ team played our State Cup Final last July, so as we walked in (having a few beverages with the Motor City Supporters beforehand of course), I realized that this was happening.  A minor league team was playing a professional team on a field that I played on.

I won’t try to recap the game—Tavio at Motor City Supporters did a great job—but want to share a couple of thoughts regarding the experience and atmosphere.  The Supporters Section had about 30-50 people standing it, banging drums, singing songs, chanting, making a nuisance of ourselves, while a group from Chicago was doing the same thing on the opposite end of the field.

The opening goal of the match was scored right in front of us just minutes into the match and from there it was 120 minutes of tension and excitement and disappointment and joy.  When the finally whistle went, everyone knew that the Bucks had accomplished something.  And now thanks to Dayton’s upset of the Crew, one of these non-MLS teams will be in the QuarterFinals.  Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it back down for the game next week, but you never know.  What a night!

For more information on the competition, listen to Josh Hakala on Beyond the Pitch podcast and visit the site http://thecup.us/

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