Old Futbol Buffet–If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap!

For those of a certain age and comedic disposition . . . THIS!!

My expectations were low for this game.  I hadn’t noticed a discernable difference between Bradley’s team and Klinnsmannschaft.  Why?  Well Jurgen is still dealing with the same players.  As I told some of the guys at pick up, Messi did not all of the sudden become American.

I thought his choice of attacking players was interesting, with Donovan, Boyd and Torres up front.  I saw Boyd for a couple of minutes against Italy and liked Torres in the 2010 World Cup build up.  The team lined up in an attacking 4-3-3 and piled the pressure on straight away against the visitors.  Three goals were scored in the opening 15 minutes, all by the Americans, although Cameron unfortunately put one in the back of his own net.

What was clear from the first half was that Scotlandwere not fully engaged in this game.  The Scots gave the US way too much time and space and although they enjoyed a little more of the game in the middle third of the match, the goals they gave up were a combination of a lack of energy, a loss of concentration and finishing of the highest order.  Bradley’s strike was phenomenal, not only in its power and accuracy but in its compensation for a pretty poor layoff from Boyd.

The game petered out into a showcase for Landycakes who grabbed a hat trick. His movement and directness were fine but we’ll see how he does on Wednesday.  How Jones stays in the team is beyond me.  I thought he and Edu were poor but not exposed too often due to the opponent.  Also felt that Cherundolo was muted, not getting forward as much as I’m used to.  Perhaps a result of the formation?

But enough about the game.  Let’s get on to the real issue—the kit.

A significant other at the game said the Americans looked like a bunch of sailors out there.  Maybe.  I think it’s a not very challenging game of Where’s Waldo?  In the past I have liked the Celtic and QPR kits but for some reason the red and white hoops irritate me.  I think in time the jersey will grow on me, and I did like the navy blue shorts and white socks.

However I can’t ignore the fact that the numbers were INVISIBLE!!

Silver numbers on a white background???  I tweeted during the game that Nike is trying to ruin football, but it turns out that the USSF was in charge of that genius decision (thanks to Grant Wahl for the info).  We’ll see if things change for the Brazil game but in terms of wardrobe, formation and resolve of the opposition.



Right after the game kicked off, twitter was abuzz about a National Anthem performance of Carl Lewis proportions.  Thanks to Dirty Tackle, here is what we missed.


  1. The USSF is responsible for those?

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