Strip Club–Euro 2012 Kit Tournament (Group A)

In an ambitious effort to get involved with the upcoming Euros, I followed the draw, game by game, to determine which kit would win Euro 2012 based on my tastes.  These posts are an extension of my Strip Club posts and the epic Kit Tournament done by Avoiding the Drop for the 2010 World Cup.

Special thanks to Mao Football, whose post got this all kicked off for me.  Also to , who put together a slide show of each jersey.  Finally, 7football created a graphic representation of each strip complete with shirt, shorts and socks.  Truly phenomenal stuff.

Here we go.





Czech Republic

Poland v Greece

A tough opener, as both kits keep it simple. Poland’s home kit is clean and strong and has a decent chance to make it out of the group, while Greece’s away kit is a beautiful blue with an understated cross representative of their flag.  I give the three points to the Poles, who kick off their campaign in high spirits.

Russia v Czech Republic

The Russians return to a redder red instead of the maroon version of 2010 (which was released as a World Cup kit before they were eliminated by Slovenia).  Usually I go for the sash, but the Russian kit doesn’t work for me, especially since the sublimated design looks like chain mail.  The Czech away kit is 100% class.  Pure white with the kit maker and badge.  Easy choice as the Czech’s run away with it.

Greece v Czech Republic

I assume since Greece is listed first they will be the home team and I assume that they will wear white.  The Greek home kit is fine and looks to be on one of the current adidas templates.  The Czech red home kit is solid. Looks like the Puma and Nike designers shared a pint as both makers are rolling out kits with an accent that comes over the shoulder and ends at the top of the chest.  The Czechs maintain their 100% record in this confrontation.

Poland v Russia

Again I assume that Poland will go white and Russia will go red.  The Poles progress to the knockout stages as simplicity trumps clutter.

Czech Republic v Poland

In a key match that will set up the next round, I am going on the premise that the Czechs will wear white so that the Poles can showcase their red away kit.  Both kits are great and are worthy of advancing.  I am going to call it a draw, with the edge going to the home side.

Greece v Russia

Again using the premise that the Russians will want to get some use out of their away kit, I’ll say that they will wear white with the Greeks going blue.  The Russian away kit is similar to the home kit but somehow comes off bland.  The Greeks take it to finish off a disappointing campaign.


Poland  2 1 0 7
CzechRepublic 2 1 0 7
Greece 1 0 2 3
Russia 0 0 3 0


  1. I must agree to disagree on this one. I think the Greece kits are very classy and the most appealing. The white and the blue would make a nice addition to any football fans closet.

    • i agree they are good but liked poland and czech republic’s better. they probably would have progressed in group c (england, france, sweden, ukraine). the blue one is growing on me.

  2. I always root against the sash (except the USMNT, of course). I have to say, I think the Greece kit is the class of the group but there is no way they another miracle Euro run in them.

    • big fan of the czech republic kits. as for the sash, everything in moderation. between US and sweden and russia and inter, it’s time to put it away.

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