Strip Club–Brazilian Wax Edition

I was doing ok following my self-imposed kit buying rules until I found the site Beautiful Gear.  If you are not following this site, you are missing out, as it is a wonderful destination for the latest in jerseys and footwear and fashion.  Early in 2011 I came upon this post, which tied my love for footy and Batman in a way I could not have imagined.   So in the spirit of the knights of old, I went on a quest.  I knew I wanted this kit even though it violated my new principles of buying on US Men’s National Kits, but for this one I was willing to make an exception.

However, this journey was a little more difficult than I had imagined, as info and accessibility were sketchy at best.  In my research I found out that Brazil had actually worn white kits in their early history but had put them in the trashbin of history after losing the 1950 World Cup Final at the Maracana, and that a fan contest had created the iconic kit going forward.

I found a couple of more sites that talked about this foreboding jersey but very little in the way of links to purchase.  My research revealed the CBF has put the kibosh on the Dark Knight version but had approved a black kit with yellow highlights.  I can’t imagine the Seleção ever wearing this in a competitive game, but the modified kit is still amazing with the hints of color popping out against the black background. (Pics courtesy of

I have a lead on a knock off version of the black kit so I might spring for it at some point.  If anyone knows where to find this one of a kind shirt, please let me know. Yes I already have too many jerseys, but this a true collector’s item, so might have to bend my “rules” slightly.

  1. That is a SICK kit and you should have no qualms about coveting and breaking your rules to procure it. Personally, I love all black uniforms like FSU and Cincinnati’s Football uniforms. If you get close to purchase, let me know as even I would take that set.

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