Old Futbol Buffet–Tell Me When the FA Cup is Over

So I took the weekend off from non-La Liga games this weekend.  As I talked about in my Weekend Warrior post, I just don’t get into the FA Cup.  I should, but I looked at the fixture list and nothing really jumped out at me. Honestly, with United out, I probably won’t watch until the semis or the final.  May not watch at all.  Don’t think I’ve watched a Final since Portsmouth beat Cardiff in 2008.

Watched bits and pieces of Spurs game against Stevenage, and when I left Liverpool was tied 1-1 with Brighton.  The pressure must surely be mounting on Arsene at the Emirates as the Black Cats dumped the Gunners out of the FA Cup andMilanabsolutely thrashed them in the Champions League.  The battle for fourth in the Premier League is going right down to the wire and I’m not sure Arsenal has the stomach for the fight.

As for Juventus, I find them hard to watch right now.  As a fan, I should support them not matter what, but game after game of grinding play and poor finishing has left me struggling to carve out time in my calendar.  Of course I didn’t watch Sunday’s match against Cataniaand, from what I’ve read, missed a commanding performance from Pirlo as the Old Lady won 3-1.

I didn’t watch the Juventus game and Aaron’s post match wrap mocked me as I missed an open game full of chances and mistakes and goals.  Catania could very well have taken all three points but the Old Lady, orchestrated by Pirlo, won the match and set up a big time game with AC Milan.

Paolo looked back at a weekend in Serie A that saw Inter running off the rails and Napoli surging back up the table.  Their fortunes continued in the Champions League with Napoli beating Chelsea 3-1 and Inter falling to Marseille 1-0 in France.

One thread I hope to develop this summer is the nature and quality of my fandom going forward.  I can’t see how I can fully devote myself to three clubs (Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Juventus).  I never really have but maybe it’s time to invest in one to the exclusion of others.

I missed the Napoli v Chelsea first leg so read Zonal Marking’s recap of the game, which focused on high positioning of Ivanovic and the lack of organization from the Blues that the hosts were able to exploit.  Down 3-1 heading back to Stamford Bridge, don’t see how Chelsea turns it around.



I spent a lot of time on the road on Thursday and Friday so was able to keep up with my podcasts.

On the SI roundtable, the panel discussed the Suarez/Evra fiasco, gave some thoughts on the African Cup of Nations and talked about some possible stories this season in the MLS.

The Men in Blazers pod featured a host derby as Chelsea played Everton. Again, HandshakeGate (what a stupid name) was discussed before Aaron Ramsey’s deadly penchant for scoring was mentioned.

Anto had Phillip Delves Broughton on Beyond the Pitch to talk about his interview with Silvio Berlusconi.  Great conversation and interesting insights into the former Prime Minister and AC Milan President.


Jersey Leaks

This week I also came across possible jersey leaks for next season.  Underwhelming to say the least.  The Men in Blazers had snapshots of the US kit, which hearkens back to the 1994 World Cup kits from adidas.  After watching highlights on 101greatgoals.com, I clicked on a post with mockups up kits from Barcelona, Arsenal and Manchester United.  Ugh.

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