Old Futbol Buffet–Schedule Overload

This weekend was jam packed for me. Saturday started with the Liverpool/Manchester United game, which was followed by my son’s floor hockey game, and then I was off to run a community event at a local church. Instead of getting a nap in afterwards, there were almost 10 boys running around the house, engaging in a NERF war of epic proportions. Eventually things calmed down and I went back out to watch the replay of Osasuna against FC Barcelona.

Sunday was busy as well as I had to put my house back together. Then I headed out to meet with Aaron of Mid Michigan United to talk about future watch parties and events in the Lansing Area. Finally it was back home for church and then a well deserved rest before heading back to work this morning.

With a busy week at work and at home my reading and viewing were a little light but here we go.


Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1

Originally I was going to watch this game later in the day because 730am is early, especially since I knew I would be out late the night before and had a long day ahead of me, but the my local pub was opening early and some of the guys were going to be there so I couldn’t resist.

I called my friend at halftime and he was like United is dominating. I told him I wouldn’t say there were dominating but they were in control. The game was much better than the league game at Snfield, but the opening goal wouldn’t come. Felt that Scholes and Carrick were able to handle a subpar Liverpool midfield and Suarez was only dangerous when he got one on one in space.

But what a second half. An absolutely blinding start from the Red Devils with a Rooney brace early to all but seal the game. Once again I felt they took the foot off the pedal as they did in the City FA Cup game and it almost bit them in the ass. The Liverpool goal was a complete cluster. First a non foul on Suarez, although to be fair it looked bad in real time, which led to the free kick that bounced off Rio’s nether regions to allow the villain to score. After that Liverpool just kept hammering away, almost getting rewarded with a Suarez header (off target and offside) and a blistering effort at the end.

United were the better team but just. They are far from the irresistible force of several years ago and may win the title only because City and Mancini don’t know how. As for Liverpool they were toothless for the most part. United were able to keep them at arm’s length pretty easily until Bellamy came on, although I felt he should have come on earlier. As for the rest of the team, they are simply not good enough. Spearing is not a replacement for Lucas, Johnson is decent but disappeared and Jose Enrique simply cannot deal with Valencia.

Zonal Marking summarized the game and focused on Giggs’ position, which was a narrow left sided midfielder, that created a numbers up behind Gerrard and Henderson and around Spearing.

I checked out the Red Rants blog to get their perspective on the game. Daniele gave a quick summary of the game before chiming in on the actions and comments of King Kenny and Suarez, ending the post with, “Liverpool should worry about clinching a place in Europe for next season, rather than spending energies to defend Suarez.”


After my meeting with Aaron I had planned to watch Bologna versus Juventus, but the game was cancelled by the recent coldsnap in Italy.  I believe of their last three matches, only one has come off.  AC Milan’s late win against Udinese put the Rossoneri two points up but Juventus has two matches in hand.  Lazio has moved up to third with Inter truly out of the race after several recent poor performances.

Adam Digby examined the lack of creativity in this year’s Juventus squad.  Although the Old Lady is battling Milan for the title, the scudetto may have been out of sight had some of their draws been turned into wins, but goals have been hard to come by, especially against well organized provincial sides.

Paolo Bandini looked back at a Serie A weekend during which Novara did the double over a fading Inter, Milan stunned Udinese and Lazio held on to third.

Avi Creditor gave an update on Charlie Davies, back at Sochaux and fighting for a spot in Europe.  Had totally forgotten about that guy.


Rog and Mickey of Men in Blazers had another great show with a fantastic I Testify telling the story of one couple’s discovery of each other and soccer.

Gabriele Marcotti was on Beyond the Pitch to review the transfer window in Serie A and the futures of some of the teams.

I got to the 2/7 SI.com Soccer pod a little late, so the news that the panel covered (the draw between Chelsea and Manchester United and Suarez’s return against Spurs) was a touch stale but their comments about the managerial situation at Chelsea were interesting.  Steve Davis also shared some notes about MLS preseason.

Last weekend’s World Football Phone In was pretty entertaining as the panel discussed the nature of fans of Argentinean league; Porto post-AVB; the drama at  Ajax; and an African Cup of Nations final preview.

    • Samuel Long
    • February 13th, 2012

    I enjoyed watching the ManU-Liverpool game. After that game I had dual screens watching Arsenal and Chelsea-Everton. A lucky bounce got Everton off early, and the sealed it later.

    The Arsenal game saw another goal by Ramsey, followed almost immediately by the death of Whitney Houston. Ramsey is 4 for 4 killing people when he scores. Just saying. Arsenal also said goodbye to the loan for Henry, who of course went out in style scoring the game winner.

    Then I watched the first half of the shambolic effort that was Newcastle V Tottenham. One half and 4 goals was enough for me there. There would be no comeback from 4 goals for Newcastle like they did against Arsenal.

    The EPL (or is it BPL?) is heating up and i’m really enjoying it action. I still hold out hope that Everton makes a late run as i’m enjoying watching the US players continue to perform. Speaking of which, did you see Dempsey’s goal? Destroyed his 30 foot shot off the post and then off the goalie and then in. I guess they counted it as an OG, but that didn’t seem fair to either player.

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