Weekend Warrior–Holiday Edition

The holidays are a time of gifts and family and football.  Starting Wednesday, there are plenty of games to watch over the holiday break (if that applies to you).  Serie A wraps up on Wednesday with a ginormous game between first and second.  The Premier League takes over from there to provide a needed distraction to yet another version of Dickens’ Christmas Carol or Fruit Cake or Uncle Eddie in his mock turtleneck sweater.  Enjoy.


12:00p Serie A                            Juventus                      v          Udinese                                FSC

(also on ESPN3)

2:45p   Premier League           Aston Villa                  v          Arsenal                                 ESPN3

3:00p   Premier League           Fulham                        v          Manchester United          FSC



3:00p   Premier League           Tottenham Hotspur     v         Chelsea                              ESPN2/3


Monday 12/26

10:00a Premier League           Manchester United     v          Wigan Athletic                ESPN2/3


Tuesday 12/27

2:30p   Premier League            Norwich City                 v          Tottenham                       FSC


Friday 12/30

2:30p   Premier League            Liverpool                     v          Newcastle                          FSC


Saturday 12/31

7:45a   Premier League            Manchester United     v          Blackburn Rovers       ESPN2/3

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