Old Futbol Buffet–Something for the Weekend

I came across some stuff earlier this week that I thought I would pass along.

If you do not read Paolo Bandini (@Paolo_Bandini ) each Monday at the Guardian, you are missing out.  His synopsis of the Rome Derby was fascinating and he is always a great read.

Staying in Italy, Aaron and Marco looked back at a predictably frustrating match as Juventus were away to Chievo Verona.  Maybe Conte didn’t quite get the formation right, but another clean sheet from the defenders.  However, questions must be asked about Krasic.  This is beyond a dip in form.

One more Serie A note.  Anto and Matteo looked back at the opening months for AC Milan.  It has been a mixed bag as the transition continues for the Rossoneri.  With one month Pato not firing in the goals and leading the line, Milan has been left with Ibra, who has been indifferent thus far, and Cassano, who has been great but struggled against the better sides.  It will be interesting to see how they get to January and then what moves they make to push in the second half of the season.  11/23 is the big game against FCB at the San Siro.  Will they try to sucker punch the Blaugrana or take them on?

Speaking of FCB, found this video on totalbarca.com.  Remember, enjoy this team.  We may never see another like it.

Finally, if you want to know anything about German Football, Uli Hesse is the man to ask.  Great info, insight and laughs on his appearance on Beyond The Pitch.

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