Morbo Minute–Back to the Clubs for Round 8

This international break came at a bad time if you were Levante, Malaga and Atheltic Bilbao.  Levante are top of the table (only behind FCB on Goal Differential); Malaga have climbed to fourth, securing three points against Getafe with an amazing goal from Julio Baptista; and Los Leones completed a great week, drawing with Villarreal, defeating PSG in the Europa League and winning the Basque Derby 2-1.

If you were Real Betis or Villarreal, you welcomed the break.  Betis lost two in a row after winning their opening four and, with Real Madrid on Saturday, things are not looking better.  Villarreal are in a shame spiral.  The draw to Bilbao mentioned before, then another loss in the Champions League, plus a draw with Real Zaragoza.  The Yellow Submarine have Getafe on Saturday and need three points to get their campaign back on track.

Not sure how many games I’ll get to this weekend, but here are ones of interest to me:


12:00 ET Real Madrid v Real Betis


12:00 ET Levante v Málaga  (not on Gol TV or ESPN3; may have to scour the interweb for a decent feed).


With no league play, did a couple of legends feature:

Edmundo Suárez, who played for Valencia in late 30’s and 40’s.

Jordi Cruyff, who played and coached at FC Barcelona. Video is light on highlights but high on emotion.

Zinedine Zidane, who finished his wonderful career at Real Madrid.  The video quality isn’t that great but you get the idea.

They also added Ronaldo and Zubizarreta.


I am a little behind on my podcasts, but Forza Futbol had Natalia (@arkulari) on to discuss the Basque Derby, Athletic Bilbao, and the U-20 Tournament in Colombia from this summer.  Great stuff as usual.

The guys at La Liga Weekly (@laligaweekly) discussed the league in general, while focusing on Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (how can you not?).


Finally, one more shout to Forza Football who put together some graphs illustrating the gaps between the top six teams in the Europe’s top five leagues.  It took me several times through to get it, but basically the Big Two have really separated themselves from the rest of the league in the last couple of years.  Check it out.

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