Old Futbol Buffet–Oktoberfest Edition

My Euro 2012 watch plans were as follows:

#1 Avoid the internet after 2:30pm ET on Friday until Saturday afternoon

#2 Get drunk at Old Town Oktoberfest

#3 Watch the Greece v Croatia replay on ESPN3 Saturday afternoon and maybe Italy v Serbia

#4 Go back to Oktoberfest.


#1 Sort of. Got off internet on Friday afternoon and stayed off until . . . (wait for it)

#2 Check. Still recovering. Drank too much in a short period of time. Oof!!

Had the Oktoberfest selections from Leinenkugel, Sam Adams and Frankenmuth.  All great.  Not too hoppy but very smooth.

#3 Now it gets interesting. I’m having a stein and the guy I meet down at Oktoberfest said, “Did you hear about the Greece v Croatia game?” I explained to him that I wasn’t watching it and he wasn’t supposed to be watching, so no. He said the game may have been abandoned due to crowd violence. At that point, I called an audible and started searching the interwebs. Turns out that there wasn’t that much coverage but here’s what I gathered—Greek fans wearing white motorcycle helmets starting throwing flares into the Croatian section, and the resulting flames caused Howard Webb to stop the match for several minutes. The game resumed, with a pretty dire first half based on reports. The second half was better and Greece scored twice to give them three points and a huge edge going into the last match day. The Greeks only need a draw against Georgia to automatically qualify and send Croatia to the playoffs.

I want to know why this match wasn’t abandoned. There was this incident plus chairs were ripped up and tossed around. Looks like the Croatian fans did that from what I can gather. Again not too much detail on the internet. My fear (WARNING: Conspiracy Theory) is that Croatia got knocked off balance, go to the playoffs and lose when they were in control heading into this match. We’ll have to see what happens Tuesday and in November.

I still might watch the match just to see what happened but the violence and the loss have really taken out the motivation.

#4 Still on track. Need to hydrate and get a nap in but I’ll make it happen.

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