Bored with the Blaugrana

Here’s my quandary—This current FCB team is crushing teams, out passing, out moving and out scoring their opponents to the point where I don’t want to watch them. Watching them bang in goals is fun for a while, and I know this a knee jerk reaction to the Osasuna and Atletico Mads, both of which I turned off at halftime. I only watched the Real Sociedad match because I read on twitter that they had blown a 2-0 lead. The first 45 minutes was typical Barca, the Blaugrana scoring two early goals and passing the Txuri-urdin off the park. Only FCB not getting the third goal allowed any chance of comeback. That and Villa setting up the equalizer for his opponent.

There are competitive matches, which is why I watch. The game against Milan was compelling because Pato scored so early. Eventually Barca turned it around and went ahead, leading to a period of absolute dominance. Again the lack of an extra goal allowed the Rossoneri to gain a point. Now the Valencia match was one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time, featuring an opponent that got their tactics right, giving the Blaugrana all they could handle. Even though Los Che faded at the end, they showed they could play with the champs, at least for one night.

So FCB play Gijon on Sunday. Am I watching it live? Probably not, for a number of reasons. One, if I’m watching any game that day, it will probably be Juventus v AC Milan. Two, I have a busy day, culminating with an Over 30 Final that night. Three, I don’t really want to watch Barca pulverize Gijon. Gijon are going down and only a minor miracle will see them not getting beat by four or more goals. Again, it comes down to time management. I can only watch so many games. But it also comes down to entertainment. Would I rather watch Juventus v AC Milan, a match with few goals and the chance to be boring or nerve wracking, or watch Gijon v FCB, a match with goals but could be boring or boring, as Messi and Company destroy Los Rojiblancos.

I know. I should be enjoying this current team. It won’t always be like this, but at the same time I like competitive events. As the season moves along, there will be plenty of close games for Pep’s team—the return leg at the San Siro, el clasicos, Bilbao away, the Champions League knockout rounds. In between those, I may just have to avoid the probable hiding and watch other teams.



And now for me to retract my earlier comments . . .

No sooner had I posted than I read that Fabregas was out for 2-3 weeks.  So that meant going into this match the following players were missing or questionable:


Iniesta (should be back after the internationals)

Afellay (just had surgery; out six months)



Sanchez (out several more weeks)


Add to that the fact that Gijon did really well against Barca last year (1-1 draw and a narrow 1-0 loss) and my anticipated rout was misinformed to say the least.  Only a goal from Adriano, of all people, secured the three points for Barca.  Twitter was buzzing with tension as the second goal would not come and the dreaded equalizer seemed around the corner.

So before I decide to totally ignore a game, maybe a little research would be in order.  Not every game is a manita.  The other team is playing too.

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