Old Futbol Buffet–Broad Spectrum

Just to jump back to last week weekend real quick . . .

So Centsports.com transferred to freesportbet.com.  I don’t understand but I don’t have to.  I activated my account and placed a couple of bets over the weekend.

I figured Juve would run into some ParmaKarma and draw, probably 1-1.  Was I in for a surprise when I checked scores Sunday.  4-1 to the Old Lady with goals of real quality.  So I lost that one.  I also took the under the QPR v Newcastle game.  BAM!! Won that so I’m five cents up.  Go me.

Speaking of the Juventus game, Juventiknows.com posted a video from the home league opener, which captures the crowd and the players and the buzz.  I wanted to buy tickets to Turin the moment I saw it.

Also Adam Digby (@adz77), who was at the curtain raiser against Notts County, had these thoughts on Juve past and present.


My podcast plate was full.  Fortunately I was on the road a lot so I listened to several on the drives back and forth.

The UF cast was down a couple of members on last week’s show.  They discussed Bob Bradley taking over in Egypt.  How does that even happen?  Wrapping up the show, the guys commented on the recent dirt on Sarah Palin.  Glen Rice hooked up with her?  Really?  When was the last time he was in Alaska (Note: 1987 Great Alaska Shootout)?  Gives new meaning to Alaska Shootout.

Paolo Bandini was on Beyond The Pitch.  He gave his thoughts on challengers for the Scudetto; the opening of Juventus Stadium and what it could mean going forward; and he talked about Cesena–the squad, the “plastic” pitch, etc.

Eric Wynalda came strong on his appearance.  Again he is in the camp taking the long view re: Klinsi.  He also discussed which players should be playing in which positions.  Finally he ranted again about the state of US Youth Soccer and how players are discovered (ie usually missed).  Must listen.


Saturday was the Great Lakes Christian College Alumni Soccer Game.  I went there for two years in the mid-90’s and the coached there for a couple of years.  I have become the organizer for the event, with mixed results.  Two years ago we had a great turnout and really had a great time.  Last year, there were thunderstorms the entire day until the scheduled kick off time.  A couple of brave souls made it out, but our opponents bailed, so we ended up playing 6 a side. 

Due to our advancing age, you really need about 30 players, but getting people there is a problem.  To get around that, we play a local club team, so we just need 11, maybe a couple of subs, which is a little more manageable.  This year, I couldn’t even make that happen and had to get some outsiders and current players to make up the numbers.  Both teams played with 10 players.  The other team is much younger and faster and more technically gifted.  They ran all over us.  We hung in there for a while, and if we had actually played offside, the damage would have been a little less.  Regardless, it’s great to get some of the guys together for a little kick around.

After taking a nap and a shower, I got some other work done and waited for the FCB/Osasuna replay to show up on ESPN3.  After the results of the last week, there was a little apprehension.  I didn’t buy into the whole crisis vibe but knew they need to make some kind of statement.  How about 8-0?  The first half was a training exercise.  Five goals and it could have been more.  I actually turned off the game at the half time whistle and went to bed.

I missed the Manchester United v Chelsea game on Sunday.  I snuck a peek at the score at church and knew that the Red Devils were up 2-0 in the first half.  My best friend called later to give me the full story.  Wow.  Trying not to get too excited, but this could be a speical season. 

That afternoon I watched most of the Juventus/Siena replay.  I missed the season opener so this was my first look at Conte’s side in a competitive game.  Not impressed.  Pirlo and Lichtsteiner played well but the rest of the team was below average.  Giaccherini and Vucinic were invisible, Pepe just did a lot of running and poor crossing, and the center backs turned the ball over more than was necessary.  The Bianconeri secured the 1-0 victory but a lot more will be required to finish in the European places.

Later that day, our over 30 team started the post season playoff.  We finished the regular season with 13 wins and 1 draw.  Our league has mimicked La Liga and the SPL with two teams pulling away and deciding the title.  My team has won the league 5 times in the last seven years, with our rivals winning the other two, and neither team has finished outside of the top two for the last four years.

Our opening playoff game was hit and miss.  Our first half was excellent, running out to a 4-0 lead.  We definitely got a little lazy after the interval and let in two soft goals and almost a third, which would have made things a little nervy.  We regained control and coasted to an 8-2 victory.  We’ll need play a little better next week if we want to reach the final.

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