Old Futbol Buffet–Back from the Interlull

What a week.  Labor Day was actually semi-relaxing but then it was right back into my life, which continues to be busy.  During the week, I missed most of the US game against Belgium due to work.  I kept trying to peek at it, and, when I did, all I saw were Belgians ghosting past US defenders and Altidore turning the ball over.


WFPI 9.3.11

Tim Vickery (@Tim_Vickery) discussed Coates’ move to Liverpool.  He has been a hot topic the last couple of weeks as callers are interested in what kind of player he is and how to say his name.

Andy Brassell (@andybrassell) talked about the rebuilding of Roma.  Kjaer, Pjanic, Gago, Pablo Osvaldo, Stekelenburg, Krkic and Lamela to name a few summer signings.  Not sure if they can improve on their sixth place finish last year but should be fun to watch.

Finally there was discussion on Everton’s new signing Denis Stracqualursi (aka Straka).  Mostly it was about his name.


In trading twitter replies with Andy Brassell, I asked about Ricardo Carvalho retiring from international football.  He pointed me towards his article on the topic from footballramble.com.  Not a lot of detail about the conflict, but it’s safe to say that Ricky won’t be pulling on the shirt for a while, if at all.


This week was all about Juventus.  Tuesday saw the guys at It Ain’t Over podcast finally released their end of season podcast.  I gave it a listen to that and was finally able to put last season’s nightmare behind me.  It’s all about closure.  Moving forward, Adam (@adz77) posted his season preview.  There are lots of new players that honestly I’m not familiar with, and I’m hoping for an entertaining ride to a top 6 spot. Finally, Thursday saw Juventus open their new stadium.  I got back to my hotel to catch the end of the opening ceremonies, which were pretty cool.  @TeamGrease at Juventiknows.com wrote a great piece that set the stage for the festivities.

As for the game, which Adam noted seemed liked an afterthought, Notts County held their own.  They didn’t threaten the Juventus goal too many times (although Storari had to sharp early in the second half) but they kept the Bianconeri at arm’s length pretty easily.  An unfortunate hand ball gave Quagliarella the chance to open the score from the spot, but the keeper saved and Luca Toni finished it off.  A scramble off a set piece just minutes from time netted the visitors an equalizer.


The panel on the United Redcast (@unitedredcast) surprised themselves about how optimistic they are about the new season.  How can you not be?  MUFC are off to a fantastic start, led by several by young players.  They crushed Bolton, with Rooney continuing his great start and Chicharito starting right where he left off.  Several tests are in front of them in the league (9/18 v Chelsea; 10/15 @ Liverpool; and 10/23 v City), so we’ll see.


The latest Unprofessional Foulcast looked back at the US/Belgium game and the guys are taking the long view on Klinsmann’s US team.  Orr gave a quick five minute preview of Serie A, which starts up after a one round delay.  Finally, they briefly, and mostly incorrectly, looked ahead to the EPL fixtures.


The panel at Football Weekly Extra wrapped up Euro 2012 and previewed the EPL games, but Philippe Auclair had some hones criticism of Les Bleus.  The new era under Blanc has faded and where will they go from here?  He also talked about Ligue Un, including Joe Cole’s transfer to Lille.


Grant Wahl was on Beyond the Pitch talking about the USMNT.  He discussed Torres’ re-integration under Klinsmann, future permutations of the squad , the enigma of Jozy Altidore (target player or second striker) and the emergence of Break Shea.


Saturday I caught up on some La Liga.  I watched the replay of Real Sociedad v FCB and Valencia v Atletico Madrid, which I plan to discuss on this week’s Morbo Minute.  Sunday I wasn’t able to catch the Juventus season opener live (6:30 am ET) or on replay.  I’m hoping to watch it Monday or Tuesday but may just have to settle for highlights and analysis.  This week’s over.  On to next week.

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