Old Futbol Buffet–Labor Day Edition

Labor Day Weekend came at a good time for me.  Two weeks on the road for work had left me pretty tired.  Add to that, planning and running a community event, and I was almost out of gas.  I was behind on my footy info, so I spent some time over the weekend trying to get my head around La Liga and planned to watch the US v Costa Rica friendly.  I didn’t see any Euro 2012 qualifiers as there were not enough hours in the day.

Backing up to Thursday, which was Transfer Deadline Day, Richard Jolly at soccernet.com gave his overview of the EPL transfer window.  Some things to keep an eye on as the league starts up again.

US v Costa Rica

Grant Wahl’s comments on si.com.  Basically US looked for 30 minutes, Orozco may not be the answer; Castillo struggled.

I found a new blog (ussoccerplayers.com) and here were their thoughts, which I thought were insightful and honest.

Jeff Carlisle at ESPN Soccer was a little more positive.

World Football Phone In from 8/27

A caller asked about top MLS teams playing the winner and runner up of the Copa Libertadores, which Tim Vickery dismissed.  Bad enough Mexico is playing in it (ie money grab).  Add the MLS, then what’s the point of the CONCACAF Champions League.  Plus trying to keep regions separate instead of creating a super region that is far too great geographically to work.  Plus the minnows would be completely left behind.  He did forsee a global club league, which is interesting but I think unnecessary.  The World Club Cup is a decent start.  Look at the commitments now–League, Domestic Cup, Continental, plus International Breaks, which for non European players, is quite a haul.  Don’t see that this is feasible.

Another caller rang asking about a Paraguyan signed by Juventus.  This immediately grabbed my interest because I hadn’t heard anything about it.  Vickery was complimentary, plus @adz77 had me covered regarding Estigarribia at Juventiknows.com.

Finally Sean Wheelock talked about the MLS deal with NBC and their affiliate Versus, soon to be re-branded.    He also assessed the current MLS marketing strategy, which is not go after Joe Q. American Sports Fan, who follows the traditional American sports, but people like me, who are soccer snobs and follow European leagues instead of their domestic league.

Gabriele Marcotti on Beyond The Pitch

The great writer for Serie A talked about a wide range of subjects on his last appearance on the Beyond the Pitch podcast, including the Roma rebuilding project, which is focusing on youth; the state of the big teams in the league and their prospects for the season; and the short term and long term future of the Azzurri and how the mindset may need to change for the current group of players.

In Wenger We Trust

E-Town Hooligan on the Unprofessional Foulcast and Paul Merson on Beyond The Pitch both had interesting comments on Arsene Wenger’s situation at Arsenal.  E-Town in particular is all in with the Frenchman, while Merson is supportive but feels that Wenger is not completely in control on and off the pitch.

From the Weird File . . .

Finally, I don’t know how I came across this, or if it’s even real, but here is a link with a letter from Jack Warner regarding the contentions of Chuck Blazer as to the nature of the payments made between the two.  Bizarre.

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