Old Futbol Buffet–Reading for Comprehension

My original post, written in a drunken stupor, was filled with so much anger and so many expletives, that I scrapped it and started over when I was tired and hungover. What do I have to be angry about? That’s between me and my therapist, but specifically, I am angry about last night’s US Men’s National Team Soccer Match.

First of all, it was a friendly against a team that they may have to qualify against in twelve to eighteen months after the initial round of games. If you beat them, you relax and they have something to play for. If you lose, your opponent may break through a mental barrier to beat you in the future. But I’m not in charge.

Second, I was going to have to fight to get a TV at the bar. Michigan State football kicked off last night, so everyone was in Green and White. I could have gone to a different bar, but the guys were at this new place with 50 TV’s all playing the State game. I figured, I just needed one TV. Surely I could make that happen. Turns out I couldn’t. So as 8:20 rolled around, I resigned myself to missing the match and having to watch a replay later.

Third, between 8 and 8:20, my twitter timeline was strangely silent about the game. No lineups, no predictions, no thoughts. Here I am looking for some commentary and was getting nothing. Then it clicked. A guy I was going to watch the game with said it was on at 11. Why would ESPN delay a friendly for three hours? Then I checked ussoccer.com again. The game was at 8pm PACIFIC not Eastern. The anger was directed at myself because I did not read completely but ASSumed (even though every other listed game was in Eastern Time including the one in F’in Belgium).

I slumped onto a bar stool in multi-level defeat. While deciding what to do with my night, I watched Spain v Chile highlights, including the handbags at the end, and checked Euro 2012 scores. Germany is through, England is all but in, Italy scraped by and Holland beat the living crap out of San Marino. Looks like Greece may get in ahead of Croatia, while Portugal still have some work to do, and I guess Robbie Keane missed a sitter.

So I left the bar at 10:30.  Buzzed and tired from a long day at work, I was not going to stay up until 1am to watch a FRIENDLY.  In this case, soccer does not trump sleep.  I’ll probably read some match reports and get a sense of the game.  I doubt I’m going to watch the match now, and just figure out a way to watch theBelgiumgame on Tuesday.  I’m mad but that’s normal.

    • James
    • September 5th, 2011

    I watched the first 15 minutes live and it couldn’t keep me awake so I went to bed. International break and provided me a great opportunity to watch US Open Tennis!

    • nice. i can’t believe i misread that. as soon as i talked to you, i should have realized. hope to have the US game on at work tomorrow but i have a lot to do. thanks for commenting and subscribing.

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