Old Futbol Buffet–Off the Grid

Going into the weekend I knew that I would be off the football grid, for reasons I won’t bore you with, which sucked because there was the European Super Cup, Spurs were hosting Manchester City, Manchester United played Arsenal and the Serie A and La Liga seasons were to kick off. By Friday it was confirmed that Serie A was on strike so that saved me missing Juve’s opener against Udinese. My only hope for footy was FCB versus Villarreal, the Monday La Liga offering.

FCB v Villarreal

The Yellow Submarine played Barcelona tough last year, and with the Super Cup on Friday, I was filled with concern for this fixture. I shouldn’t have been. The Blaugrana played a variation of a 3-4-3 and shredded Villarreal throughout the match. Wasn’t a matter of if, only when, and when Thiago opened the scoring, which I missed because of stupid work, the proverbial floodgates opened. I was able to see most the second half as wave after wave of attacks crashed against Diego Lopez’s goal, with 5-0 being the final score. I’m not ready to crown FCB champs or write off the Yellow Submarine. FCB still have defensive issues (see article from elcentro). While Villarreal still have to work to do, they should be fine against mere mortals.

After watching the Barcelona game, I got caught up on the games involving the two teams from Manchester and the Super Cup.

Based on reports I had read, Porto had created chances, but a combination of poor finishing and good goalkeeping from VV, kept them from capitalizing. Then a colossal error allowed the best player in the world to round the goalkeeper and score. Woeful discipline caught up with the Portuguese champs and Fabregas rounded off the evening with a fantastic goal.

City destroyed Spurs at White Hart Lane. Sure Spurs fashioned a couple of chances, they have decent players, but Dzeko put on a masterclass, with finishes of the highest order. City have hit the ground running, and with Mancini loosening the reins a bit, they look a frightening prospect.

As for the neighbors across town, what can be said? I was following the game on Sunday via the iLiga app at church and, after the two early goals, I was able to relax. 3-1 at halftime was good enough. When I showed up for my over 30 game, I asked what the final score was. When my guy said 8-2, I thought he was shitting me. Then I watched the highlights. Wow. The goals from Rooney and Young were simply stunning, and Ferguson has really outdone himself. Usually the Red Devils start slow, and hopefully they save some of those goals for the tough fixtures against Chelsea, City and the tough European nights ahead of them.

Check out 101 Great Goals for highlights of all these matches, assuming they haven’t been taken down yet.

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