Old Futbol Buffet–Podcast Smorgasbord

I listen to a lot of podcasts. One of my goals this season is jot down interesting snippets I came across.  I couldn’t find all the links, so search on line or use iTunes.  Here we go.

World Football Phone In (8.20.11)

A week behind I know, but the gang discussed a couple of times. One was Jadson to Arsenal to improve their attack. As of writing, this one still hasn’t come off. A caller asked Andy Brassell to discuss the future of the Belgian national team and whether they would need a foreign manager to get Lukaku, Hazard, etc to challenge for honors. Finally, Tim Vickery discussed the possibility of Santos being relegated despite being defending Copa Lib champs and heading the World Club Championship in December.

Beyond the Pitch

If you are not subscribing to Beyond the Pitch and consider yourself any kind of a soccer fan, you are missing out. Anto consistently delivers informative and entertaining content.

Andrew Jennings was on to discuss the continuing allegations of corruption in FIFA, including the on-going saga in CONCACAF between Blazer and Warner. He called FIFA a global crime syndicate & had strong words regarding the corruption of the organization & the possibility of World Cup 2022 not happening in Qatar.

Serie A Insider

Anto was joined by freelance journalists Adam Digby and Matt Barker and noted Serie A write Roberto Gotta to discuss upcoming season. The panel examined the squads who should contend for the Scudetto this year, and they definitely piqued my interest in Napoli.

Here is my off the cuff prediction for the year.

Anto also talked to Vince about his fantacalcio site seriealive.com http://www.seriealive.com/
Game sounds amazing but there is no way I have the time for that.

And after getting me all pumped up for the season, Serie A goes on strike. Blurgh!!

Carrie Baird

On the way to a job I listened to Anto’s conversation with Carrie Baird. She had some interesting thoughts on the current transfer market, especially in England. Not sure I agreed or followed everything she said but it was a good listen nonetheless.

La Liga

Forza Football did a preview of the Seville Derby (postponed due to the strike), which provided some context, analysis and predictions for Sevilla and Real Betis. The episode was filled with friendly banter and information from fans of each club.

I also listened to the SpanishFootball.info podcast. As with most previews I’ve listened to so far, the panel was excited about the Bielsea era starting at Athletic Bilbao. The info on the league as a whole was ok, but the sound quality was quite poor. I am going to give it another try, but if that doesn’t improve, I will have to just do the website.

The Manchester United Redcast

The first Redcast of the new season hit the interwebs and the panel was in midseason form. A general sense of anticipation permeated the episode, as the Red Devils look poised to fight on two fronts, retaining the Premier League title and recapturing the Champions League, with the regeneration of the squad with new signings and trimming of some deadwood.

SI Roundtable 8.24.11

Grant Wahl talked about Robbie Keane’s addition to the MLS, MLS teams doing well in CONCACAF Champions League and the bump that the WPS received from the Women’s World Cup. He suggested spacing the Women’s World Cup and the Olympics to avoid the cycle of back to back events followed by three years of no international competition. Richard Deitsch ate this up and said that’s why Wahl should be FIFA President. One problem. The dates of the Olympics aren’t changing. So if you want to alternate, then this will put the Women’s World Cup up against the Men’s World Cup. Don’t see how that helps.

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