Morbo Minute–Spanish Super Cup Second Leg

After a compelling first leg, I was really looking forward to the return match at the Camp Nou. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important weeks of the year at my job, so I did some recon and had a tentative plan to watch the game live instead of waiting for the replay.

I went up to my hotel room around 4:45 ET to get everything in place. 5pm rolled around and my internet connection sucked. I almost went down to the hotel bar (where I would be distracted and yelled at and guilted into not watching) but toughed it out and finally got going.

What a game. The first half was simply awesome. Real didn’t foul nearly as much as usual, maybe because they couldn’t get close to Barca, and the play was back and forth. FCB definitely looked a much better outfit with their core players out there. The first goal for FCB was class but Real responded with CR7 finally scoring against the biggest domestic rival. Then, as he did in the first leg, Messi struck again right before halftime, as Real failed to deal with corner and Messi played a 1,2 with Pique and fooled Casillas yet again.

I was only able to watch the first 15’ of the second half before heading down for my responsibilities, but I was confident that FCB would hang on. When the update came that Real had equalized, I was disappointed but excited due to the prospect of extra time, which I could possibly squeeze in. Then Messi scored again (watch the highlight, simply amazing team goal) and the trophy was Barcelona’s. Just after dinner, my timeline was bombarded with weird messages involving Ozil, Marcelo, Villa, Vilanova and Mourinho. Moments after the incident, the video of Mourinho’s eye gouge/pinch were online. What in the world was he thinking? I finally saw the entire moment from the foul on Fabregas to the final whistle this morning. Just when the emotion and intensity of the confrontation between these two teams can’t get any higher, something happens to elevate it. The fall out—relations between the clubs, possible suspensions, team chemistry of the national team—will have to be watched, and it’s a shame that a special era is being tainted by handbags and shenanigans.

I was able to skim the recap from Barcelona Football Blog this morning. These guys are amazing. The summary and tactical breakdown are top notch. I highly encourage you to check it out. I wrap up this post with a comment regarding Barca’s mental and physical strength:

In the first leg of the SuperCopa all of those issues came to the fore. Barça were overwhelmed by a much more prepared, more match fit Madrid team. A team which had clearly prioritized winning the SuperCopa as a way to start its season, and draw a stark contrast to the 5-0 victory Barça secured to start the Clasicos last year. But in the end this Barça team was robust enough to survive and secure the result they needed at the Bernabeau. But it literally took everything the group had, all of the resources that could be drawn upon from its experiences as champions.

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