Old Futbool Buffet–Opening Day Snoozer

The EPL kicked off this weekend and I was planning on watching Spurs (my second team in England) and Everton, but the London riots caused the game to be postponed. Scanning the rest of the English fixtures, nothing really caught my eye so I moved on to options in the Bundesliga. My original choice was Bayern Munich v Wolfsburg, because I wanted to see if Bayern could avoid an 0-2 start to the season. A follower on twitter suggested Hoffenheim v Dortmund, which would pit an up and coming challenger versus the current champions.

In the end, I missed all of the Saturday morning kickoffs. I hosted a poker game on Friday night was suffering in the morning. I ended up sleeping and lazying around most of the morning before pulling up my boot straps and cleaning the house. Bayern scored late to secure three points and Hoffenheim beat the champs. In England, Manchester United B pegged back Liverpool and Arsenal were held by Newcastle, where it sounds like there were incidents aplenty.

After getting some housework done and running some errands, I logged on to ESPN3 to see what replays were on. Fulham v Aston Villa was the only English game to I gave that a go. Figure I could see a little Clint Dempsey and the beginning of the Alex McLeish era at Villa.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Fulham GK jersey, which was bright neon green and had Kappa logos all the way down the arms. Then I had a Phillip Senderos signing. Wow, he’s still terrible. I spent most of the match trying to decide who was worse, him or Andy Johnson. What is it that Johnson does? He runs around, sometimes into dangerous areas; he receives the ball, which almost always results in a turnover; when he finally gets a chance, he misses it.

Villa had a good spell for most of the first half, knocking the ball around, asking a few questions, before Fulham rebounded towards half time. They continued their momentum into the second stanza, with Zamora very dangerous, calling new keeper Given into action several times. In the end, neither team could break the deadlock.

Didn’t see much from Dempsey, who mostly played on the left but moved centrally from time to time, and, with the introduction of Dembele, played more of an attacking role. Heskey and Petrov committed potentially dangerous fouls in the second half that would have had Klinsi holding his breath. Thought Murphy had a decent game, picking passes to give Fulham an attacking edge. Agbonlahor disappeared in the second half and seems as if his time has gone.

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