Strip Club—Best (and Worst) of the Rest Dollar Date

It’s a less than a month until the new soccer season kicks off. I was going to do a semi-comprehensive review of upcoming kits for the 2011-12 season but @footballfashion has already done most of the heavy lifting and I’m lazy, so I strongly encourage you to visit their site (they cover a lot of ground) and get ready for some eye candy and horror shows for this campaign.

Also, @avoidingthedrop did a winners and losers post for this year:

It’s a nice smattering of kits, with an emphasis on the EPL. Follow the comment thread for comments from the readership.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have posted the kits for teams that I try to follow.  This week, here are some odds and ends from the rest of Europe.  I ignore North and South America because they are almost always ugly, despite getting really hot chicks to present them.


The future Getafe Team Dubai has the healthy shirt sponsor of the king of all burgers, which has pushed this club perilously close to the worst team in football.  At least their kits look cool.  NOT!!  The blue home away is solid but the away and third strips are shockingly bad.  They took kit of the Yellow Submarine and ran 100,000 Volts of electricity through it.  As for the third kit, pink and grey?  Really?

AC Milan:

The current champions of Italy have a beautiful range of kits for the 11-12 season.  Their home strip goes with the narrow trademark strips and adds white bands at the ends of the sleeves.  Find player pics.  Looks great.  Their away and third kits are simple and classy.  Even as a Juventino, I might have to splurge on one of those.

Lyon European kit

Pink has struck again, although I’m not sure what color this is.  Darker than Palermo but not as bright as Juventus.  Plus there so many things going on that the shirt is just terrible.  Hopefully Lyon’s campaign goes better than the shirt designing process.

Napoli Away and Third: via football fashion

Napoli’s offerings for the upcoming season don’t take too many chances.  The navy away kits is down the middle, although the sponsors detract from the visual.  The yellow third kit doesn’t over do the yellow and with dark shorts doesn’t make the player look completely idiotic.

Arsenal Away

I’ll be honest, at first I hated this shirt, but  it’s starting to grow on me.  Would have preferred an all navy blue version of this kit, but they didn’t ask me.

Chelsea Away

Blurgh.  After the complete horror shows of the last couple of seasons, this doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.  But what are those squares?  I guess they had to do something to get you to buy basically a retread of their away kit from 08-09. Well done.

Everton GK

Either someone photo-shopped TIMMAY!! into pics with this kit on or this is for real.  A jersey designed for the 3 US fans that are huge hunters and soccer fans, I can’t imagine this is going to be match legal.  Waiting for the first own goal out of Everton defense because they couldn’t see their goalkeeper.

England GK

A link for this came across my twitter feed so I dutifully clicked.  I almost threw up on my computer.  I have checked and rechecked to make sure this is legitimate.  According to ( it is.  Just when you think the England kit can’t get any worse, Umbro go and completely redeem themselves.  David James could probably wear this and get away with it.  Joe Hart, get ready to turn in your man card.

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