Strip Club—Juventus FC Dollar Date

It’s a less than a month until the new soccer season kicks off.  I was going to do a semi-comprehensive review of upcoming kits for the 2011-12 season but @footballfashion has already done most of the heavy lifting and I’m lazy, so I strongly encourage you to visit their site (they cover a lot of ground) and get ready for some eye candy and horror shows for this campaign.

Also, @avoidingthedrop did a winners and losers post for this year:

It’s a nice smattering of kits, with an emphasis on the EPL.  Follow the comment thread for comments from the readership.

Instead, I will focus on the clubs I follow and some of the items that have caught my eye as I have browsed the interweb.


Entire range for this season: via @serieaweekly

The home kit is right down the middle, with the standard black and white stripes and simple rounded collar.  Although there is some consternation on the interweb about the haziness of the trademark stripes, I prefer these to last year’s frayed edges.

The away kit is bold in color and design and is a mixed bag for me.  Pink is back in the rotation for the first time since 2003-04 and the 1997 keeper’s kit.  I’m not really a pink kind of guy but love the star.  Give me this in a royal blue and it is a must have.

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